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Jewelry Gift Suggestions

Making Jewelry as a Gift:

Quick and Easy Necklace Jewelry Making ProjectMaking jewelry as a gift is a natural extension of the jewelry making hobby.  Many people find that they get more pleasure from giving a gift that they made, than they would get from purchasing a pre-made gift.  Others find that by making a gift your self, that you can get more bang for your buck, or as we say -- More Bling for Less Cha-Ching.  In this section we are going to concentrate on gifts that are

  1. Gender specific (for a woman or for a man)
  2. Relatively inexpensive (less than $30), and
  3. Quick and easy to make. 

The necklace shown above-right is an example of a project that would be an appropriate gift for almost any age female.  It features a 2 carat sized Blue Topaz (cubic zirconia) in a gold-filled setting with a gold-filled chain and clasp.  (Blue Topaz is the birthstone for the month of December.)  The items from our Internet store that are required to make one of these necklaces are our items 3001, 2607, 0077, 3173, and 3147.  The tools required to make this necklace are a jewelry wire cutter and two pair of chain nose or bent chain nose pliers.  The total price for all the items in the necklace, purchased individually would be $27.65 and you would have one of the blue topaz man made gemstones left over (we sell two in a package).  $27.65 may seem like a lot to some.  For those who want a less expensive gift, you could make this in Sterling Silver for $21.56 by purchasing our items 1183, 0089, 3147 and 3151.  You can get these costs down even lower by substituting a 6mm gemstone instead of the 8mm.  In sterling silver with a 6mm gemstone, this necklace would cost $16.66 (using our items 1183, 0089, 3148 and 3150.)  When the price of gold was $350 per ounce and the price of silver was $4 per ounce, these prices might have been high.  With gold at about $1,500 per ounce and silver about $27 per ounce, we consider these prices to be very inexpensive. 

Please visit our Men's or Women's Gifts paragraphs below to view our quick and easy gift suggestions.  We suggest that you consider gifts made with the birthstone for the designated recipient. 

Gift Suggestions for Men

Does your husband or boyfriend have to store his ties in the refrigerator to keep the food stains from spoiling?  If this sounds like someone you know, give them a tie chain to keep their tie out of his soup at mealtime.  The Tie Chain attaches to a shirt button and holds the tie within inches of the wearer's shirt. 

Please select the picture at right to view our instructions for making this simple tie chain. 

Quick and Easy Tie Chain Jewelry Making Project

If your boyfriend or husband is confident in his masculinity you can make him a necklace similar to the ones shown here.  Please select either picture to visit our instructions for making these necklaces. 
Men's Necklace Jewelry Making Project
Men's Necklace Jewelry Making Project

What do you get the man who has everything?  What about that fat cat who wants to display a little bling?  How about a Tie Chain with Bling?  This project is a simple modification to our regular tie chain and can be made with man-made gemstones or CZs.  How would a 2 carat diamond look on Mr. Big? 

Tie Chain with Bling Jewelry Making Project


Gift Suggestions for Women

Our kits were developed with beginners to making jewelry in mind.  They are simple to use and step-by-step free instructions are available on our web site.  All that is required is the ability to read and follow instructions.  Our kits are suitable for anyone with average dexterity in their hands who are aged 12 or more.  (Our kits are not suitable for young children.) 

We have four basic types of kits as follows:

We really like all of these kits, and because of the differences in techniques and approaches to making jewelry all four kits make great gifts.  In fact, success with one type of kit will actually mean that our other types of kits will make great follow-on gifts.  We have one suggestion to consider as a first jewelry making project, our gemstone jewelry making kits are so easy to assemble that they make a great first project.

We have many other quick and easy jewelry projects that you can consider.  Please select here to view nine 10 minute jewelry making projects that are suitable for beginners or advanced beginners.

PLEASE NOTE:  We believe that these jewelry making kits are fantastic values.  Customers should not consider that because the prices are so reasonable for these kits that the products are cheap.  You would be wrong.  We purchase top quality gemstones, man-made gemstones, tools, wire and findings to include in these kits directly from the factory.  Our prices are low because we purchase directly from the source and there are no middlemen, no distributors, and no stores with high overhead that need to be paid.  We could easily charge three times as much for these kits and they would still be a great value.  We are going to sell these kits at a fair price and hope that word of mouth advertising will let people know about what a great value they are.  

Wire & Beads Kits:

We have three kits for making jewelry with wire and beads as listed below.  These kits are very popular gift items for either Christmas or a birghday.  Select any name below to view that item in our Internet store. 

We are required to "assemble" these kits from our inventory of supplies.  Sometimes one or more kits may be out of stock because we are out of one item in the kit.  Sometimes, these kits may be out of stock because we haven't "assembled" any recently.  If we seem to be out of one of these kits, feel free to send us an email asking us if we can assemble one for you.  Please email us and include WigJig Kits as the first words in the subject line of your email. 

Internet Starter Wire and Beads Jewelry Making Kit:

Wire & Beads Jewelry Making Kit Clubs Earring DesignOur Internet Starter Kit is focused on recipients who are comfortable using the Internet.  We do not provide any printed instructions with this kit.  The instructions are provided on our web site and in our free video lessons in jewelry making.  Please select here to view our instructions for making the four different earrings that the tools and supplies in this kit will enable you to make.  You can view the items included in our Internet Starter Kit here:

  • WigJig Delphi (Item 5000)
  • Beginner's Tool Kit (Item 4000) which includes Round Nose Pliers, Bent Chain Nose Pliers, Chain Nost Pliers and a Flush Cutter.
  • 5 pair of Ear Wire Findings (Item 0065)
  • 50 Silvertone Head Pins (Item 1156)
  • 18 feet of 20 Gauge Silver-Plated Artistic Wire (Item 0276)
  • 50 Cobalt blue faceted glass beads (Item 0945)

WigJig Recommends Jewelry Making Kit:

The WigJig Recommends Jewelry Making Kit is designed for someone who is committed to making jewelry with wire and beads and wants to start with a great set of tools at a reasonable price.  This kit includes the tools that we actually use ourselves whenever we make jewelry.  That is the reason that we call it the WigJig Recommends Kit.  The kit does include some wire and head pin findings to get you started, but it does not include ear wires or beads for making your first jewelry project.  The tools and supplies included in this kit are:

Purchase of this kit represents a 19% discount over purchase of the items in the kit individually.  You can view this kit in our Internet store by selecting here. 

In the interest of being totally open, we did not include the following tools in this kit.  These are tools that we also use:

Finally, with the items in the kit alone you can make some chain bracelets and necklaces, but to make earrings and projects with beads you may need to also purchase ear wire findings and beads

Gemstone Birthstone Kits:

We have many settings that are so easy to use that quite literally, our five year old nephew is able to use them.  We have created some kits for making a ring, lever-back earrings, or a simple necklace using gemstones and the natural choice when choosing the gemstones for this type of kit is to choose the birthstone for the recipient of the gift.  In the following paragraphs we will show these three types of gemstone kits.

Garnet Sterling Silver 8mm Lever Back Earring Jewelry Making Kit
Sterling Silver, Lever-Back, Snap-Set, 8mm Gemstone Earrings Kits:

Our easiest to make gemstone jewelry kit is our Lever-Back, snap-set earrings kit.  You can view these earrings at right.  The kit consists of two components, the sterling silver, lever back, snap-set, 8mm ear wire finding, Item 3176, and the pair of 8mm, round gemstones.  You can view the birthstones for each month by selecting here.  You can purchase the ear wires and birthstones separately, or frequently, we will have the combination as a kit, priced below the price of the individual items when purchased separately.  Here are two important links:

Emerald Quartz Ring, Jewelry Making Gemstone for May
Sterling Silver, Size 7, 8mm Ring Kits: 

Our ring gemstone jewelry kits come in size 7 only.  This size isn't right for everyone.  This sterling silver ring can be re-sized by any competent jeweler, but giving a gift that doesn't fit right when given wouldn't be our first choice.  This ring uses the snap-set approach to setting a gemstone and is very easy to accomplish.  The ring finding is Item 3260 in our Internet store.  You will probably find that you will want bent chain nose pliers to help you set your gemstone in this ring.  You may also want a jeweler's file set to help clean up the ring finding prior to setting the gemstone.  Here are two important links:

Sapphire, Jewelry Making Gemstone for September
Sterling Silver, Round Bezel Necklace Kit:

The easy way to make the necklace shown at right is to purchase three items and combine them.  The three elements of this kit are:

We have both a web page with instructions on how to make this necklace and a free instructional video.  Please select one of the links below to view our instructions.

This kit uses a finding called a round bezel.  You can view this finding below, along with the four tabs on the finding that must be bent down. 

Sapphire, Jewelry Making Gemstone for September

Sapphire, Jewelry Making Gemstone for September

Round Bezel Finding Four Tabs

Once the gemstone is held in place the chain is threaded through the round bezel finding and the necklace is ready to wear.  Please see the picture above-right.

Please select here to view our selection of Round Bezel Necklace Kits in our Internet store. 

Simulated Diamond Jewelry Making Kits:

We have two types of simulated diamond jewelry kits -- Snap-Fit Post Earrings kits in several different sizes and Low Wall Bezel Earrings Kits in a couple of sizes.  We have both types of kits with sterling silver or gold-filled findings.  Both styles of kits are very, very easy to make and we have free video instructions on how to make both styles of jewelry.  The two different styles of simulated diamond jewelry can be viewed below.  Please select either picture or name to view our free jewelry making instructional video on how to make those earrings. 

Snap-Fit Diamond Jewelry Making Kits

Low Wall Bezel Style of Simulated Diamond Jewelry Making Kit
Snap-Fit Post Earrings Low Wall Bezel Earrings

Making Snap-Fit Post Style Gemstone Earrings:

There are three components using in making the Snap-Fit Post style Gemstone Earrings.  The three components are the Snap-Fit post finding, the ear clutch and the round, diamond cut gemstone.  You can view these three components below-left.  The snap-fit post findings can come with four or six prongs.  The four prong finding is show below-left and the six prong finding is shown below-center and below-right. 

Components of Snap-Fit Earrings Jewelry Making Kit

How to Make Snap-Fit Post Style Gemstone Earrings

Completed Snap-Fit Post Style Gemstone Earrings
Components Constuction Finished Earrings

Please select one of the links below to view our free instructions for making these earrings.

Finally, please select here to view our selection of these jewelry making kits in our Internet store

Low Wall Bezel Style of EarringsMaking Low Wall Bezel Style Gemstone Earrings:

There are four components to a low wall bezel earring.  They are 1. the ear wire finding, 2. the low wall bezel finding, 3. the ear clutch and 4.  the pair of round gemstones.  For these earrings the ear wire finding and ear clutch are just regular findings.  We like to use the round ball with post type finding.  You can view all four components below:

Post with Ball Type of Ear Wire Finding Used when Making Jewelry
Low Wall Bezel Finding Used When Making the Low Wall Bezel Earrings

Ear Clutch Jewelry Making Finding

Clear CZ used when Making Simulated Diamond Jewelry
Ear Wire Low Wall Bezel Ear Clutch Gemstone

Please select one of the links below to view our free instructions for making these earrings.  Below that you can view the very simple steps involved in setting a gemstone in the low wall bezel finding.

Step 1 to the Low Wall Bezel Earrings Jewelry Making Project Step 2 to Low Wall Bezel Earrings Jewelry Making Project Step 3 to Low Wall Bezel Earrings Jewelry Making Project Step 4 to Low Wall Bezel Earrings Jewelry Making Project Step 5 to Low Wall Bezel Earrings Jewelry Making Project Step 6 to Low Wall Bezel Earrings Jewelry Making Project
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6

Finally, please select here to view our selection of low wall bezel jewelry making kits in our Internet store.

1/2 Drilled Pearl Beads Earrings Jewelry Making ProjectMaking Pearl Earrings with 1/2 Drilled Pearl Beads:

There are three components and one supply used in the making of these earrings.  The three components are the ear post finding, the ear clutch and the half-drilled pearl beads.  The one supply is the jeweler's cement required to glue the pearl beads to the ear post finding.  In the pictures below you can view the process of assembling these earrings.

Components used in the 1/2 drilled pearl beads earrings jewelry making project
Step 1 to 1/2 drilled pearl beads earrings jewelry making project
Step 2 to 1/2 drilled pearl beads earrings jewelry making project
Finished 1/2 Drilled Pearl Beads Earrings Jewelry Making Project
Components Step 1 Step 2 Finished Earrings

Please select here to view our detailed text and pictures instructions on how to make these earrings. 

Please select here to view our selection of kits for making pearl beads earrings. 

Pearl Beads Necklace Made with WigJig Beadstringing KitBeadstringing Kit:

Our final type of kit is our Beadstringing Kit.  This kit has the tools and supplies to get someone started in making jewelry by stringing beads onto beadstringing wire.  Please view the picture of the necklace made with this kit at right. 

Beadstringing wire is a relatively new technology that replaces silk thread with a flexible stranded wire, coated with nylon.  The wire is considerably stronger than the silk thread and because of this added strength, we are able to make neckaces and bracelets with this wire using a new approach that takes much less time.  The approach involves using crimp beads to fix the cut end of the wire and uses crimping pliers to crimp the crimp beads into a permanent connection for that end of the wire. 


  • Size 11 Seed Beads Crystal Silver Lined (Item 0002)
  • Crimping Pliers -- Standard (Item 0319)
  • Set of 5 Plastic Hemostats (Item 0357)
  • 3 Feet of Size .019 Soft Touch Silver Premium Bead Stringing Wire (Item 3313)
  • About 36 2x2mm Sterling Silver Crimp Beads (Item 0462)
  • Flush Cutter Soft Flex (Item 0645)
  • 100 6mm Swarovski White Crystal Pearl Beads (Item 2711)
  • Sterling silver toggle clasp medium (Item 3000)

Please select one of the links below to view our instructions for making the 18 inch pearl necklace with the beadstringing kit:

Summary of Jewelry Making Kits:

We have discussed many different types of kits for making jewelry.  There are two common threads among all these different types of kits -- 1. all the kits are easy to assemble, and 2. we have complete instructions for how to assemble these kits.  When you give one of these kits, your gift is two-fold.  Not only are you giving the completed jewelry item, you are also giving the knowledge of how to make that item and similar items.  In fact, the gift of knowledge may be the biggest gift of all. 



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