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Bling - Why Is It Expensive


More Bling for Less Cha-Ching Simulated Diamond Jewelry Making ProjectMore Bling for Less Cha-Ching Emerald Jewelry Making Project

Why is Jewelry So Expensive?

Let's begin our discussion on how to get More Bling for Less Cha-Ching  with a few words on why finished jewelry costs so much.  First and foremost, jewelry costs a lot because the materials used to make it are rare and therefore the materials are expensive.  At this time, the price of gold is well over $500 an ounce.  Any jewelry made with gold is therefore going to be expensive and the more gold in the jewelry, Emerald Pendant Necklace Jewelry Making Projectthe more the finished jewelry will cost.  Second, jewelry can be expensive because some jewelry components (diamonds) have their prices set artificially by a monopoly that controls the commercial price of diamonds by limiting the number of stones available on the mAmethyst Earrings Jewlery Making Designarket at any time.  A third reason that jewelry can cost a lot is that there may be a lot of labor that goes into making the item. A final reason that jewelry is expensive is that there aremany companies involved between the source and the consumer and each company has to make a profit.  All of these reasons are well documented and well known.

What is more important -- appearance or cost?

White CZ Earrings Jewelry Making ProjectNow for our question, which is more important to you -- is it more important how much your jewelry costs, or how nice your jewelry looks?  If you could acquire earrings that looked the same as earrings that sell for $10,000 but only cost you $25 would you be interested?  If this opportunity would interest you let's discuss how you can make jewelry that looks the same as jewelry selling for $10,000 but only costs $25.  In short, how do we get More Bling for Less Cha-Ching?  Below we discuss some choices that can allow you to make expensive looking jewelry at a reasonable price. 

Emerald Pendant Jewelry Making Finding1.  Solid gold is expensive and wasteful.  You can't see the gold inside the jewelry, only the gold on the outside.  Why pay for gold that you can't see or touch?  The answer to this question is very simple -- don't pay for gold that you can't see or touch.  Use gold-filled wire and findings.  Our gold-filled wire and findings have the outside 5% of the wire or the finding made of 14k gold alloy.  This is the part you can see or feel.  The inside of the wire is a gold tone metal, but you can't see or touch this metal so why pay more for solid gold?

White CZ Jewelry Making Component2.  Don't support the diamond monopoly.  Diamonds are naturally rare, but are made even rarer still by the DeBeers monopoly.  Simulated diamonds (cubic zirconia) have almost the same optical properties as a diamond.  The cubic zirconia (CZ) stones are as bright as a diamond and can not be distinguished from a diamond by appearances alone.  A pair of two carat flawless white diamonds can sell for over $10,000.  Why pay a lot for a diamond when you can pay as little as $11 for a 2 carat, Making CZ Earrings Jewelry Making Projectflawless, AAAAA, white CZ and not be able to tell the difference between the CZ and a diamond? 

3.  Jewelry can be expensive because of the labor involved in making the piece.  You can easily reduce your labor costs by making the piece yourself.  We will show you how.  For the pieces shown here the steps involved are very easy.  The instructions can be found starting with the link at the bottom of this page. 

4.  Most jewelry is sold after passing through many middle-Pink CZ Earrings Jewelry Making Projectmen between the manufacturing source and the end customer.  Bycutting out several of the middle men, you can make jewelry at a much lower price.  We purchase CZ's directly from the factory in China.  This allows us to offer the components for making this jewelry at very reasonable prices. 

The bottom line is that you can get more Ice at a Lower Price.  If you aren't married to Donald Trump, who wouldn't be interested?  Our instructions for how to make this jewelry begin here.  



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