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Place Card Holders

Instructions for making Place Card Holders out of jewelry wire, and jewelry supplies using WigJig jewelry tools

The instructions for making the Necklace provided below are some of the older instructions on our WigJig web site. The technology used to present these instructions is older technology with the main instructions being provided as one or more pictures (.jpg). For this reason it is impossible for us to edit these instructions to provide the added details that we provide in our newer jewelry making instructions. These instructions may not be suitable for a beginner to making jewelry with wire and beads because we do not clearly state which jewelry tools are required, what length of jewelry wire to cut and what size of beads to use. For people who are more experienced in making jewelry these instructions should be adequate. We apologize for the lack of detail. We are smarter now and use better technology to document our newer jewelry making designs. If the level of detail here is not adequate to meet your needs, please select one of our newer projects with more detailed instructions in how to make jewelry with WigJig jewelry tools, jewelry wire and beads.


Show off your wire working talents over dinner!

Make place card holders to add elegance to table settings.  So simple to make!


Wire Beads place card holder made with WigJig jewelry making tools and jewelry supplies.




Design modified from Wonderful Wearable Wire.  Ends have been scrolled with the Spiral Maker.  Design on left  is made with 16G wire, design on right with 18G.  Coiled wire made on the Twist 'n' Curl with 24G and 26G wire.





Place pegs on Olympus diagonally.





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