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Jewelry Making Tools

Information on jewelry making tools used when making jewelry with wire and beads.

For making jewelry the WigJig way we divide the jewelry tools required into a few basic categories.  We have hand tools and our WigJig jewelry tools.  We also have mandatory tools and optional tools.  Please select here for a list of the jewelry tools that we recommend.  We recommend these tools because we use them ourselves.  Please read below to view a discussion of the hand tools required.

The mandatory hand tools required are shown below.  You will not be successful in making jewelry without these four jewelry making hand tools.  You can find a flush cutter, round nose pliers and chain nose and bent chain nose tools in one of our beginners tool kits.

Flush Cutter Jewelry Making Tool Round Nose Pliers Jewelry Making Tool Bent Chain Nose Jewelry Making Tool
Flush Cutter
(for cutting wire)
Round Nose Pliers
(for making loops)
Chain Nose or Bent Chain Nose Pliers (2) (for grasping, holding and bending wire)

In addition to the above mandatory tools, we recommend the following jewelry tools:

Finally, as you can imagine, we recommend a WigJig jewelry making tool.  A jewelry making jig is necessary in order to be able to make consistent and repeatable wire designs.  For making jewelry our best and most versatile jig is our WigJig Centaur.  We also recommend a selection of Super Pegs for the jig you choose and perhaps the Spiral Maker for the jig you choose.  If you choose the WigJig Centaur, the Super Pegs and Spiral Maker for the Delphi would be the appropriate set.  You can view more information on jewelry making jigs here.    You can view information on selecting a jig here and more information on jewelry making jigs here.

We have two kits for beginners to making jewelry wire wire, beads and jewelry supplies.  Our Internet Starter Kit is for beginners who are comfortable with using the free information on our web site to learn how to make jewelry.  Select here to view our Internet Starter Kit.  Finally, our WigJig Recommended Tools kit is a deluxe kit that includes the actual tools that we at WigJig use.  It includes a WigJig Centaur jewelry tool, with a Set of Super Pegs, a Spiral Maker, round nose pliers, bent chain nose pliers, step jaw pliers, nylon jaw pliers, bent closing pliers, chain nose pliers, a WigJig vinyl tool wallet, a premium flush cutter, some practice wire and some head pins.  Please select here to view the WigJig Recommends Tools Kit in our Internet store.  

Here are some Links to other sources of information on jewelry tools:



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