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Wire Jewelry Making Jig by Cousins


Making Wire Jewelry with the Cousin's Jig

0109If you are visiting this web page, you have likely purchased a wire jig from Wal-Mart and are seeking designs and instructions on how to effectively use your jig.  Cousins Corporation made the jig you purchased.  Please note that our company (WigJig) did not make the jig you purchased and we cannot answer questions specifically about that jig, but we can answer questions about how to use a jewelry making jig.  Our company has been in business since 1997 and our primary product is jewelry making jigs.  Since our company was the first company to make a jewelry making jig, we had to develop the techniques for using a jig in order that we can sell our own WigJig brand tools.  The techniques that we developed on this web site will also work for the wire jewelry jig that you purchased from Wal-Mart. Please note that the peg pattern for your Create Cousin's jig is the same as the peg pattern for our WigJig Olympus.  You can print the peg pattern for the Olympus by selecting here.

Getting Started Making Jewelry with Wire & Beads:

  1. Please select here to watch our video on making jewelry with a wire jewelry making jig.  This video shows the basic skills and techniques that we use to make jewelry with wire and beads.  If you can understand and master the simple techniques shown in the video, you will be successful in making wire components for jewelry.  The video is 6 minutes and 31 Seconds long and addresses all the tools and skills necessary for making wire jewelry components on a jig. 
  2. If the above video is helpful to you, we have many more free jewelry making videos that you can view by selecting here.
  3. Our free instructions for making jewelry with wire and beads start with "Beginner's Instructions" and can be found by selecting here.  These instructions include pictures and text with links to videos when appropriate.  This web page also provides links to web pages that discuss what supplies are required, what skills must be learned, and what tools are recommended. 
  4. When you are ready to undertake more jewelry making projects, please select here to view all of our jewelry making designs along with step-by-step instructions.
  5. When you are ready to view more jewelry making techniques, including techniques using different tools, please select here.

Finally, if you need to contact Cousins Corporation about the jig you purchased from Wal-Mart, you can visit their web site here.

We, at WigJig, appreciate your interest in making jewelry with wire and beads.  We hope that our free instructions will inspire your wire designing creativity!


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