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Spirals - Advanced

Instructions in how to make a spiral out of soft jewelry wire, using the WigJig Spiral Maker jewelry making tool:

Spiral Link Earrings Jewelry Making Design Made with Tanzanite Swarovski Beads and gold jewelry wire.

This advanced technique for making spirals with our WigJig Spiral Maker Tool takes a few extra steps, but the end result is a spiral where the center of the spiral is more rounded and less oval.  For some jewelry making projects this will be important.  For other projects this may not make any difference.

Jewelry Making Supplies:

Jewelry Making Tools:

  • 18, or 20 gauge soft jewelry wire are preferred.  16 and 22 Gauge soft jewelry wire are also possible.
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Chain Nose or Bent Chain Nose Pliers
  • Flush Cutter
  • WigJig jewelry tool
  • WigJig Spiral Maker Tool

Jewelry Making Skills:

  • Ability to cut jewelry wire with a flush cutter jewelry tool.
  • Ability to straighten jewelry wire with nylon jaw pliers jewelry tool.
  • Ability to bend jewelry wire using chain nose or bent chain nose pliers jewelry tool.
  • Ability to make a loop in jewelry wire using round nose pliers jewelry tool.
  • Ability to make a spiral in soft jewelry wire using WigJig jewelry tools and Spiral Maker Tool.

Step-by-step instructions for making an advanced spiral in soft jewelry wire using WigJig jewelry tools:

Step 1:  Cut a segment of soft jewelry wire 9 inches long.  It is slightly easier to use 20 gauge jewelry wire than 18 gauge jewelry wire so practice this technique in 20 gauge wire.  For the earrings use 20 gauge wire for your finished piece.  For the bracelet, 18 gauge jewelry wire may be better.

Step 2:  Using your nylon jaw pliers straighten this segment of jewelry wire. 

Step 3:  Grasp the jewelry wire 3/4 to 2 inches from one end with your bent chain nose pliers.  Bend the wire 90 degrees. Some projects use the center wire to make a connector for the spiral like the ones shown in the earring at right.  For those project use about 2 inches of jewelry wire.  If you are just making a simple spiral dangle, you will ultimately cut off the center wire in the spiral.  For those spirals, use just 3/4 inch of wire. 

Step 4:  Grip the jewelry wire with your round nose pliers on the 7" long wire segment but as close to the bend as possible and wrap the wire about 1/4 of the way around the jaw of your pliers.  See the picture below-left for where to grip the jewelry wire.  See the picture below center for how the 1/4 turn bend should appear in the wire.  This bend starts the center of the spiral as a circle.  From this point the steps in making a spiral are the same as our "normal" spiral. 

Step 5:  Insert the short jewelry wire segment (3/4 inch to 2 inches long) into one of the holes on your Spiral Maker and then insert the metal peg in the Spiral Maker into one of the holes on your jig. See the picture for how this should appear.  Please note that this picture is taken looking through the body of your jig. 

Spiral Link Jewelry Making Design Step 4 showing jewelry wire gripped in jewelry tools. Step 5 to Spiral Link Jewelry Making Design showing making a spiral out of jewelry wire using WigJig jewelry tools. Step 7 to Spiral Link Jewelry Making Design showing jewelry wire on WigJig jewelry tools.
Step 4 Step 5 Step 7

Step 6:  Turn your WigJig jewelry tool over while holding the Spiral Maker Tool in position with one finger.  While looking through your jewelry making jig, begin pulling the jewelry wire around the center peg in your Spiral Maker Tool about 45 degrees at a time.

Step 7:  Continue wrapping the jewelry wire around the center peg, adjusting the pressure so that you get a tight spiral but not so tight that your outer loop of jewelry wire will over-ride the prior, inner loop.  Wrap the jewelry wire until you have a spiral in the size you need.  For the earring project shown above right, you should leave about 2 inches of wire remaining on the end to form the wrap on one end of the spiral.  

Step 8:  Remove the jewelry wire from your Spiral Maker Tool and the wire should appear as shown below-left.  If you are making a simple spiral, you can cut the center wire off with your flush cutter. 

Step 8 for Spiral Link Jewelry Making Design showing jewelry wire spiral.

Double Spiral Earrings made out of jewelry wire and beads shaped on WigJig jewelry tools.
Spiral Link Earrings Jewelry Making Design Made on WigJig Jewelry Tools using Gold Jewelry Wire and Beads.
Step 8 "S" Spiral
Spiral Link

Shown above-center and above-right are two advanced spiral designs made using our WigJig Spiral Maker Tool.  Please select either picture to view our free instructions for making that design. 

If these instructions aren't 100% clear, please view our video on making spirals with the WigJig Spiral Maker.  This video does not show this advanced technique, but it does show our basic technique for making spirals. 

Summary of advanced spiral making technique using soft jewelry wire and WigJig jewelry tools:

Making spirals out of jewelry wire using this technique can be a better way to make a spiral for jewelry wire components where it will be easy to view the center of the spiral.  This technique makes a spiral with a center that is more rounded than our less advanced technique for making a spiral.  Both techniques for making a spiral will allow you to make a spiral without any tool marks on the spiral.  This is because the only thing touching the jewelry wire will be the plastic WigJig jewelry tool and the plastic Spiral Maker Tool.  Once you learn this jewelry making technique, you may find as we have that you want to use it for every spiral you make.

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