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Jump Rings/Loops - Closing Gaps

Instructions on closing loops in jewelry wire using the Bent Closing Pliers jewelry making tools:

Using Bent Closing Pliers Jewelry Making SkillView 2 of Using Bent Closing Pliers Jewelry Making SkillIn the pictures left and right you can see two views of how to use Bent Closing Pliers to close an opening or small gap in a loop of wire.  In this case, the pliers have closed the gap in a "P" loop by gently squeezing the loop until the gap is closed.  In the picture at right. you can view the grooves in both jaws of these pliers.  The wire for the loop or jump ring is held in the grooves on each jaw of the pliers.  This keeps the wire from slipping thereby avoiding having the pliers scratch the wire. 

We recommend using bent closing pliers like the ones shown here because the bend in the jaws of your pliers means that your wrist will be straight as you grip the wire.  The bent closing pliers that we prefer are item 4005 from our Internet store. 

These same pliers are used to close a gap in a jump ring or to convert a jump ring from round to slightly oval. These pliers are not used for opening and closing jump rings or "P" loops.  When you open and close a loop, you use bent chain nose pliers (without the grooves in the jaws), because your chain nose pliers have flat, smooth jaws for grasping the loop and bending it up or down in order to open or close the loop.  Once the loop is closed, if there is a slight gap in the loop that won't be closed by bending the wire up or down, that is when you use these bent closing pliers to remove that gap by squeezing the wire until the gap is closed.  You can view our free instructions for opening and closing loops using common jewelry tools here.

Oval Jump Ring Jewelry Making FindingBent Closing Pliers Holding a Jump Ring Finding Jewelry Making SkillWhen using open jump rings, many wire crafters like to convert a round jump ring to an oval jump ring, with the opening of the on one side of the oval.   The reason that you do this is with an oval jump ring, the jump ring will naturally adjust so that the tension on the jump ring will not pull directly on the gap or opening of the jump ring.  The jump ring shown at right in the pliers is round.  The jump ring shown at left, is slightly oval with the long axis of the oval being vertical and the short axis of the oval being horizontal.  As you can see, you want the opening in your jump ring to be on the short axis of the jump ring. 

We believe that these bent closing pliers are the best type of "loop closing pliers".  We recommend item 4005 as an essential jewelry tool for every jewelry makers tool box. 




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