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Parts of a diamond cut gemstone used in making jewelry by setting gemstones in jewelry making findings.

The table is the top, flat portion of a diamond cut and faceted gemstone. See the picture at left.

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Teardrop Beads

teardrop glass beads used in making jewelry
Teardrop is a shape of bead, with one end rounded, and the other end narrower and more pointed.  They can be faceted, as shown at left.

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Toggle Clasp

toggle clasp jewelry making finding

A toggle clasp jewelry making finding consists of 2 separate pieces - a bar and a large loop.  To close the clasp, the bar is fitted inside the loop. This is a very popular and stylish type of clasp used when making necklaces and bracelets.

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Tube beads

tube beads used for making jewelry

Tube beads used for making jewerly are in the shape of long, relatively thin cylinders.  They are similar to bugle beads, but have a larger diameter than bugle beads. 

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Tweezers jewelry tool


Tweezers are a hand jewery tool used to grasp and hold small objects like beads or bead stringing thread.

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Twist 'n' Curl

twist 'n' curl jewelry tool
The Twist 'n' Curl is a jewelry tool used for making wire beads.  It consists of a handle and a central rod.  The jewelry wire is wound onto the central rod to make long coils, and these coils of jewelry wire are then wound on the rod again to make wire beads. 

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Twisting Tools

Dowels a jewelry tool used to shape jewelry wire into coils.
Twisting tools are jewelry tools used to make coils and wire beads.  They can also be used to twist a single strand of wire, usually square, for unique jewelry designs.

The Twist 'n' Curl is a key jewelry tool used for twisting wire.  The Twist 'n' Curl tool makes long coils of jewelry wire which are removed from the Twist 'n' Curl jewelry tool and then the coils themselves are twisted into coils to make wire beads. 

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