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Seed Beads

seed beads

Seed beads are smaller beads, frequently used as accents when making beaded jewelry pieces by stringing beads.  Seed beads are often made of colored glass and are relatively inexpensive.  These beads range in size from 1mm thick to less than 3mm in thickness.  Seed beads are often used in modern bead stringing projects to provide the same spacing between larger beads that were formerly separated by knots in silk thread.  With newer bead stringing wire, knotting between each bead isn't required and to achieve the same appearance the seed beads are strung between the larger beads to provide the spacing. 

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silk thread for stringing beads
Silk is a type of bead stringing thread.  Historically, quality necklaces were strung on silk.  Currently, there are many alternatives to silk that are stronger and equally colorful.


fine silver jewelry wire
Fine silver is an alloy of 99.9% pure silver, with the remainder being trace impurities. 

Sterling silver is a common alloy of silver made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.

Argentium sterling silver is a new, patented alloy of silver which includes 92.5% silver just like standard sterling silver, but replaces some of the copper with germanium to provide additional tarnish resistance.  Argentium Sterling Silver will tarnish, but at a much slower rate than standard sterling silver.  The resulting tarnish is light yellow in color and washes off with soap and water.

Silver is used in making jewelry because of its ability to be polished to a shiny surface, as well as its beauty.

Comparison of Argentium Sterling Silver to other jewelry wire.

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Soft Flex

soft flex bead stringing wire used for making jewelry.Soft Flex is a brand of stainless steel bead stringing wire.  Made of multiple threads of stainless steel coated with plastic to preserve the stainless steel.  Soft Flex comes in a variety of colors.  Soft Flex is a more permanent replacement for silk thread when making necklaces and bracelets.  Soft Flex does not need to be  knotted.  Select here to view our free instructions in how to make a necklace using Soft Flex bead stringing wire

View Soft Flex bead stringing wire here.

Soft Touch

soft touch bead stringing wire used for making jewelry.
Soft Touch is a premium brand of stainless steel bead stringing wire made by the Soft Flex company.  It is more flexible and supple than Soft Flex, but retains the same strength.  Soft Touch is used for making jewelry by stringing beads and replaces silk thread when making necklaces.  Soft Touch does not require knotting between the beads.  Select here to view how to make a necklace using Soft Touch.

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WigJig spiral maker jewelry tool used to make spirals in jewelry wire.
The WigJig Spiral Maker is an accessory used with a WigJig jig to make spirals without marking the wire.  The spiral is made between the Spiral Maker and the WigJig.  Since both tools consist of relatively soft plastic, the spiral can be made easily without marks.

Instructions for making spirals in jewelry wire with a SpiralMaker jewelry tool.

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spiral in jewelry wire
A spiral is a jewelry wire component made by wrapping wire around itself in a flat plane.  Spirals are best made using wire with a hardness of dead soft.  Jewelry made with spirals was one of the first items of jewelry made using jewelry wire.  Select here to view our free instruction in how to make a spiral out of jewelry wire using WigJig jewelry tools

Split Ring Pliers

split ring pliers jewelry tool
Split ring pliers are special pliers used to hold a split ring open so that other components can be connected to the ring.  They are not a mandatory jewelry tool, but they do make it easier to use split ring jewelry making findings.

View split ring pliers used in making jewelry here.

Split Rings

split ring jewelry making findingA split ring jewelry making finding is a circular finding made of hardened wire used as a connector between other jewelry making supplies like between a clasp and a necklace chain.  The wire is wrapped in a circle about 1 1/2 times so that there is overlap.  The hardening of the wire preserves the shape of the split ring so it can be used as a permanent connector.

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Spool Knitter

Spool Knitter jewelry tool

The spool knitter jewelry tool is used to make knitted jewelry wire chains.  View our instructions on how to make knitted jewelry wire chains here.

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Spring Ring Clasp

spring ring clasp jewelry making finding
A spring ring clasp is a jewelry making finding in the shape of a ring.  A segment of the ring can be withdrawn into the ring to allow for connection to a loop.  The spring in the sliding segment causes the ring to close once pressure is removed. 

View spring ring clasps used in making jewlery here.

Straightening Wire

Straightening jewelry wire using the nylon jaw pliers jewelry tool.
Straightening jewelry wire is a technique for removing the curls and bends in the wire, resulting in a straight length of wire.  Both the manufacturing process as well as the packaging of jewelry wire tends to give the wire a natural curl.  For this reason, straightening the wire is the first step in most wire jewelry projects.  This technique is frequently performed by pulling the wire through the jaws of a nylon jaw pliers jewelry tool as shown at left. 

Free Instructions for straightening jewelry wire using common jewelry tools.

Stretch Magic

stretch magic bead stringing thread
Stretch Magic is a synthetic bead stringing material similar to elastic.  It has the ability to stretch, so it can be used to make beaded bracelets that do not require a clasp because it can stretch over the wearer's hand. 

View Stretch Magic here.

Super Pegs

WigJig Super Pegs jewelry making tools
Super Pegs are a WigJig jewelry tool accessory that facilitates making rounded shapes in jewelry wire.  The Super Pegs are shaped like a mushroom.  The stem of the mushroom fits into the hole in the jewelry making jig and the top of the mushroom provides a  rounded shape for making rounded bends/curves in jewelry wire, larger than the standard peg size. 

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