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Rattail bead stringing cord


Rattail is a type of bead stringing cord, generally made of satin. This cord is thicker than thread, and is used with beads with a larger hole like some Bali Beads or Pony Beads.

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reamer jewelry tools
Reamers are jewelry making tools used to enlarge the size of the hole in a bead.  The reamer is used by placing the bit into the bead hole and spinning it around.  The abrasive nature of the bit removes some of the bead material causing the hole to become larger.  Because the inside of the hole in beads is abrasive and can saw on your bead stringing thread, it is often a good idea to ream out the hole in your beads just to smooth out any abrasive areas inside the bead. 

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Ribbon used in making jewelry
Ribbon is a fabric based bead stringing material and can be used in making jewelry.


Rondelle Bead used in making jewelry

Rondelle is a shape of bead used in making jewelry.  Rondelle beads are essentially shaped like a Life Saver candy.

Round Beads

round beads used in making jewelry.
Round beads are generally spherical in shape.  Round beads may be faceted like the bead shown at right, or may be smooth like a pearl bead. 

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Round Nose Pliers

round nose pliers jewelry tools used to make loops in jewelry wire.
Round nose pliers are jewelry tools that have two conical jaws and are frequently used for making loops in jewelry wire.  The size of the loop is determined by how far down the jaws the jewelry wire is grasped and then formed.  Loops made near the tips of this jewelry tool are smaller than loops grasped closer to the hinge of the pliers. 

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Round Wire

round jewelry wire
Round jewelry wire is jewelry wire that has a cross section that is circular or round.  Other wire shapes used for jewelry-making include half-round and square jewelry wire.

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