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P Loop

P loop in jewelry wire made with common jewelry tools.
A "P" loop is a loop made in jewelry wire using common jewelry tools where the loop is on one side of the jewelry wire as shown at left.  The shape of the loop and the wire makes this look like the letter "P", hence the name.  

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A portion of a faceted diamond cut gemstone used in making jewelry.

The pavilion is the lower sloping portion of a cut and faceted gemstone used in making jewelry as shown in the graphic at left. 

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Pinch Bail

pinch bail jewelry making finding
A pinch bail is a jewelry making finding used to turn a gemstone or bead into a pendant.  The bail is pinched closed with the two prongs in the hole of a gemstone or bead to create the loop at the top of the pendant. 

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Round Nose Pliers jewelry tool

Pliers as a jewelry tool are hand tools used for bending, grasping or shaping jewelry wire.  Many serve unique purposes to assist a jewelry designer in accomplishing special tasks like round nose pliers for making loops, bead crimping pliers for stringing beads, nylon jaw pliers for straightening wire, etc.

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polishing cloth jewelry making supply
Polishing is the process of smoothing the surface of an object.  Polishing jewelry wire can remove minor tool marks or blemishes, resulting in a more shiny appearance.  Polishing often involves using a mild, abrasive polishing compound to remove a thin layer of material from the surface of the jewelry or jewelry wire being polished.

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Pony Beads

pony beadsPony beads are glass beads that are generally cylindrical in shape with a larger central hole.  These beads are frequently used for wearing in one's hair or for jewelry-making where a larger than normal hole in the bead is required.

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Pressed Glass Beads

pressed glass beads
Pressed glass beads are machine made beads made using a technique that involves using pressure to shape heated glass in a mold.  Because of the process for making pressed glass beads, these beads tend to have a rounded shape and are less expensive than cut glass beads.  The Czech Republic has been know for making pressed glass beads, but now India and China are competing with the Czech Republic as sources for pressed glass beads.

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