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nylon bead stringing thread
Nylon is a synthetic material that among other uses is used to make thread for stringing beads.  Originally, almost all necklaces were strung on silk thread.  Nylon, as a stringing media used in making jewelry, is stronger than silk and can be dyed a variety of colors.

Nylon Jaw Pliers

nylon jaw pliers jewelry tool
Nylon jaw pliers are a jewelry tool that has jaws made of nylon and is used for gripping and holding jewelry wire components. Because the nylon is softer than jewelry wire, the jaws will not scratch or mark the jewelry wire.  These pliers are often used to straighten jewerly wire or to squeeze wire components to flatten and harden them.  The best quality nylon jaw pliers have jaws that can be replaced as the jaws will wear out with extensive use. 

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