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Master Coiler

master coiler jewelry tool

The Master Coiler Jewelry Tool is a type of step jaw pliers.  These pliers make consistent sized loops in jewelry wire while minimizing marks on the jewelry wire.  Each of the 3 steps makes a different sized loop, allowing designers to make loop sizes consistently in their wire designs.  The master coiler type tool that we recommend for use with our WigJig jewelry tools is our Fine Step Jaw Pliers.  These pliers have a first step that is sized to work with the pegs on the WigJig Delphi, Cyclops, Centaur or Centaur Lite jewelry tools.  The second step on the Fine Step Jaw Pliers is sized to work with the pegs on the WigJig Olympus, Electra or Olympus-Lite jewlery tools.  The steps in most step jaw pliers, including the steps in the Master Coiler are larger. 

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