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Jewelers Block

Bench Block jewelry tool
The Jewelers Block or Bench Block is a jewelry tool that provides a hard flat surface for hammering jewelry wire.  It is normally a square shaped piece of hardened steel as shown at left. 

Our jewelers/bench blocks and other jewelry wire hardening tools can be viewed here.

Jewelry Wire

jewelry wireJewelry wire is obviously wire used to make jewelry.  Jewelry wire is solid wire as opposed to the stranded wire used in electrical cords.  Jewelry wire can be made of brass, copper, gold, sterling silver, fine silver, gold-filled, silver-filled and/or gold and silver plated wire.  It can also be made in a variety of hardness levels, generally dead soft or half-hardened are the most common.  All the materials used in making jewelry wire are relatively soft and therefore jewelry wire is suceptable to marking when worked with jewelry tools used improperly. 


WigJig jewelry making jig -- a jewelry tool used when making jewelry by shaping jewelry wire.A jig is a jewelry making tool with a series of pegs used to form, bend or shape jewelry wire.  The most popular brand of jigs is the WigJig brand. (Yes, this is the WigJig web site and this is our opinion.)  Jigs can have a square matrix of holes, a round matrix of holes or a combination of partially square and partially round. 

View our selection of WigJig jewelry making tools here.

Jump Rings

jump ring jewelry making finding made out of jewelry wire using common jewelry tools.
A jump ring is a small round ring of jewelry wire, available in a variety of sizes and used to connect jewelry components.  Jump rings can be open like the one shown, or they can be soldered closed.  Jump rings are used to connect jewelry components and can change the way a jewelry component like an earring body hangs. 

Free Instructions for making an open jump ring finding out of jewelry wire and using common jewelry tools can be found here.


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