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The girdle is the widest part of a cut and faceted gemstone used in making jewelry, as shown in the graphic at left. 

Here is more detailed information on the parts of a cut and faceted gemstone used in making jewelry.


glass bead
Glass is generally a silica compound combined with boric oxide, aluminum oxide or phosphorus pentoxide.  By using heat, glass can be melted formed into many shapes and is used extensively in the manufacture of beads. 

Glass Pearls

glass pear beadls
Glass pearl beads are simulated pearl beads made from adding a pearl like coating to a glass bead.

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Gold jewelry wireGold is the 79th element in the periodic table of the elements.  Because gold is relatively rare, it is considered to be valuable.  Gold is a corrosion resistant element and for this reason, is used frequently in casting more expensive jewelry and in making jewelry wire. 

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Gold Filled

gold filledGold-filled jewelry wire and findings are made by a process of physically combining a thin alloy of gold on top of a gold-tone base metal.  The base metal adds strength and is fabricated so that it is on the inside of the wire or sheet metal.  The gold alloy on the outside provides the color, corrosion resistance and permanence of real gold.  The combination of the gold alloy on the outside and the gold tone metal on the inside where it can not be seen allows jewelry designers to make gold-filled jewelry at a fraction of the cost of solid gold, but with the look and feel of 14K gold.  Most gold-filled jewelry wire is made of 5% gold alloy and the remainder is a gold tone metal.  With gold-filled jewelry wire or findings the coating of gold alloy on the outside of the wire or sheet of metal is millions of molecules of gold thick.  By contrast gold-plated jewelry wire or findings may have a coating of gold only 2 to 4 molecules of gold thick.

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Gold Plated

gold plated jewelry wire
Gold plating jewelry wire is an electro-chemical process of coating a conductive metal wire with a very thin layer of 24 carat gold.  The layer of gold in the plating has a thickness of 1 to 4 gold molecules, so over time, this thin layer can be worn off by abrasion.  Gold-plating is best used on items that receive limited wear and tear like earrings or necklaces and is a very poor choice for jewelry that gets more contact with your environment like rings or bracelets.

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