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Figaro (Chain)

figaro (jewelry making chain)
Figaro is a style of curb chain that uses both large and small links to make the chain.  The links are twisted in the curb style so that the chain will lie flat. 

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Figure 8 Connector

figure 8 jewelry making connector made from jewelry wire using common jewelry tools.
A figure 8 connector is a jewelry wire component made using common jewelry tools out of jewelry wire with of two loops side-by-side.  The resulting component is in the shape of the number 8.  It can be used to connect wire components, one in each loop. 

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jewelry making finding
A jewelry making finding is a jewelry making component, frequently made of metal.   Ear wires, head pins, eye pins and clasps are examples of jewelry making findings. 

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Fine Step Jaw Pliers

fine step jaw pliers jewelry tools
Fine Step Jaw Pliers jewelry tools are a type of step jaw pliers made specifically to work with the WigJig family of jewelry tools.  The smallest step in these pliers makes a loop the size of the pegs for the WigJig Delphi, Cyclops or Centaur tool.  The second step in these pliers makes a loop the size of the pegs for the WigJig Olympus, Olympus-Lite or Electra tool.  The largest step makes a loop 9/64" in diameter.  Because these pliers have a flat jaw in addition to the round, stepped jaw, they do not mark the jewelry wire. 

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Fire Polished

Fire Polished Glass Bead
Fire polishing is a less expensive way of polishing cut glass beads.  In this process, heat is used to smooth the outer surface of the cut glass bead.  In general, fire polished beads are faceted.  Many fire polished beads are made in the Czech Republic. 

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Flush Cutter

flush cutter jewelry tool
A flush cutter jewelry tool cuts jewelry wire leaving one side of the cut flush (or flat) and the other side sharp (or pointed).  A conventional cutter will cut the jewelry wire leaving both sides semi-sharp.  One side of the jaws on a flush cutter is flat, the opposite side is beveled. 

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French Ear Wire

french ear wire jewelry making finding
Also called a shepherd's hook, this ear wire jewelry making finding is shaped as shown at left. 

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