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A carat is a unit of weight for gemstones, generally equal to 200 milligrams.

Chain - Curb Style

Curb Jewelry Making Chain

The curb style of chain is a type of chain with twisted links so that the chain lies flat.  Please select here to view our selection of chains used in making jewelry

Chain Nose Pliers

Chain nose pliers

Chain nose pliers have straight, tapered jaws with a flat smooth inner surface.  They are used for grasping and holding wire while minimizing the marks left on the wire. 

View chain nose pliers here.


Copper is a soft metal that conducts heat and electricity very well.  It is frequently used for making jewelry. 

Crimp Beads & Crimping

Crimping is the process of squeezing small crimp beads to tightly hold stringing thread or wire.  Often, a loop is made by passing the stringing material through the crimp bead, then through a finding like a clasp, and finally back through the crimp bead again.  Special crimping pliers are then used to crimp the bead tightly together to firmly hold the stringing material to the clasp permanently.   

Instructions for crimping.

View crimp beads here.

View crimping pliers here.



The crown is the angled portion of the face of a cut and faceted gemstone, as shown in the graphic.

Select here for more information on cut and faceted gemstones.


Crystal is a higher grade of glass with added lead.  The lead adds brilliance, light reflectivity, and strength. 

Crystal Pearls (Swarovski)

crystal pearls
Crystal Pearls are a simulated pearl bead made by Swarovski.  They are among the best quality of the artificial pearls. The core of a Crystal Pearl bead is crystal glass. The outside is a simulated pearl coating.


Gemstone Terminology used in making jewelry

The culet is the bottom or pointed part of a cut and faceted gemstone, as shown in the graphic. 

Select here for more information on cut and faceted gemstones.

Cup Bur

Cup Bur Jewelry Tool

The Cup Bur (also called a bur cup) is a tool used to remove the burs and imperfections on the end of a piece of cut jewelry wire.  The tool has a small cup with diamond dust inside which acts as an abrasive agent on the wire.  They are especially useful for smoothing the ends of ear wires. 

Directions on using the bur cup are here.  View bur cups here.


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