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A bail is a jewelry making finding used to turn a large bead or gemstone into a pendant. It is also called a pinch bail because you pinch to finding to set the two prongs into the bead/gemstone.

Bead Cap

Bead Cap jewelry making supply.
A bead cap is a decorative cover, usually made of metal, for the top or bottom of a bead. 

Bead Dangle

Bead Dangle made out of jewelry making supplies and beads

A bead dangle is a combination of one or more beads on a head pin that has been shaped to allow the bead or beads to hang from a loop a the top.

Bead Reamer

Bead reamers are jewelry making tools used to enlarge the size of the hole in a bead.  The reamer is used by placing the bit into the bead hole and spinning it around.  The abrasive nature of the bit removes some of the bead material causing the hole to become larger. 

View bead reamers here.

Bead Stringing Wire

beadstringing wire
Highly flexible, multi-stranded stainless steel wire, such as Soft Flex and Soft Touch, is used for stringing beads.  These wire products are resistant to breakage from the sawing action of the beads on the stringing material.  You can view stringing wire in our store here.

Bench Block

Bench Block
The Bench Block is a tool used to provide a hard flat surface for hammering wire.  It is normally a square shaped piece of hardened steel. 

Our bench blocks and other wire hardener jewelry tools can be viewed here.

Bent Chain Nose Pliers

Bent Chain Nose Pliers jewelry tool
Bent chain nose pliers have jaws with flat, smooth surfaces on the inside of the jaws and the jaws are curved at the ends.  These flat surfaces are used for griping and holding wire, leaving minimal marks on the wire.  The bend in the jaws facilitates keeping your wrist straight while you grip your jewelry project. 

View bent chain nose pliers jewelry tools here.


Round Bezel jewelry making finding

Round Bezel Earrings made using common jewelry tools and jewelry making supplies.

A bezel is a type of gemstone setting, where the face of the gemstone is encircled by the setting and held in place from the back.  Because the entire face of the gemstone is held by the setting, bezel settings are generally very secure.  Unfortunately, bezel settings tend to make the gemstone appear smaller, as opposed to Tiffany and other prong type settings where the entire gemstone is visible. 

Here are instructions for making a bezel setting jewelry making finding.


bicone glass bead

Bicone is the shape of the bead shown.  Bicone beads are normally faceted to reflect more light.  This particular glass bead was made by Swarovski, an Austrian company known for making the highest quality faceted leaded glass crystal beads. 

You can view our selection of glass beads here


Brass is a yellow metal alloy frequently made of 55%-65% copper and 37%-45% zinc.  It is a soft metal, suitable for casting and making jewelry wire. 

Bugle Beads

Bugle Beads
Bugle beads are small cylindrical beads.  They are frequently either 2mm wide by 4mm long or 2mm wide by 7mm long.

Bur Cup

bur cup jewelry tool
The Bur Cup (also called a cup bur) is a tool used to remove the burs and imperfections on the end of a piece of cut wire.  The tool has a small cup with diamond dust inside which acts as an abrasive agent on the wire.  They are especially useful for smoothing the ends of ear wires. 

Directions on using the bur cup jewelry tool can be found here.  View the bur cup here.


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