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Create with Art Beads in Summer, Beautiful Jewelry for Fall
Wednesday, October 07 2015 00:00

Art Beads and Lampwork Beads by WigJig  

Create with Art Beads in Summer, Beautiful Jewelry for Fall

Maybe, you have a bowlful on the bookshelf or a pretty origami box with a few on your dresser.  Art beads are just so pretty, if your beaded jewelry broke; you kept the beads. Because you love to look at them and touch them, you kept them out in view. Well, now is the perfect time to use that saved beauty to create something new. Make some pretty earrings or a simple stretch bracelet now, and you'll have great accessories in the fall. Shop WigJig to find stretch cord or earring findings and you are ready to create. 

What? You don't have enough beads in your box or bowl or that envelope in your top drawer? Not a problem. Spend some time wandering WigJig's bead collection and you will certainly find fantastic choices for your fall collection. 

You have to love the specialty beads There are beautiful cloisonné beads. Cloisonné is an art as old as the Ming dynasty. Crushed glass was placed between wire that formed walls on a pottery surface. Then the piece was heated until the glass melted. Amazing! Czech pony beads look like each bead was created by a master glass worker. Each bead features varied, lovely shades of one color. Lampwork Glass Beads, like the Czech beads, seem to be created individually by an artist, too. The shades, swirls, and colors within each bead are striking. Bead slices. To add some variety to your trendy Fall jewelry, you might need some metal Bali-style beads. The variety of sizes and designs of these beads will make creations that are unique and show your artistic style.

Beaded jewelry is fun to create and fun to wear. The holes in these art beads are large enough that stringing them is not a difficult or frustrating task. Contact us to check out all our beads. We have many examples and even video lessons to inspire your creating, too.  

3 Jewelry Making Ideas for Fall
Tuesday, October 06 2015 00:00

Burnished Falls Necklace by WigJig for Fall  

3 Jewelry Making Ideas for the Fall

As the summer is ending, you might be looking for fun jewelry making ideas that will carry you into the fall months. These are a few fun ideas that can give you inspiration for autumn.

1. Choose Fall Colors

One of the easiest ways to give your fall jewelry an autumn look is by switching to fall colors. Start using browns, oranges, dark greens, reds and other colors that make you think about the crisper weather.

2. Get Ideas from Nature

As the leaves start changing colors, start looking for outdoor inspiration to create beautiful jewelry with a fall theme. For example, use the colors that you see outdoors, or look for charms that feature pine cones, acorns, fall leaves and more. You may even find that you can use elements from the outdoors, such as acorn shells, on your actual pieces for a totally natural and beautiful look.

3. Choose Gold Hardware

For your summer looks, you might have focused on using silver hardware, since it can look nicer with the bright blues, yellows and other similar colors that are used during the warmer months. However, you may want to look into purchasing gold hardware for your fall jewelry. For some reason, the gold tones just look better with fall colors on many pieces, and it's a simple way to customize some of your year-round looks to help them fit in with the autumn weather and autumn fashion.

As the weather is turning crisper and cooler, you might be looking for fall inspiration that you can carry into your homemade jewelry pieces. Luckily, these tips should be able to help you get inspired. Plus, if you are looking for the pieces that you need to create your fall looks, contact us. We offer high-quality jewelry making supplies at a reasonable price and can help you stock up on the things that you need to craft together your fall-time pieces.

3 Ways You Can Use Peridot Gemstone Beads
Tuesday, October 06 2015 00:00

Peridot Gemstones for Fall by WigJig  

3 Ways You Can Use Peridot Gemstone Beads

The peridot gemstone symbolizes financial prosperity, happiness, tranquility, and protection from negativity. The bright green gems are used in floral rings and spring-oriented jewelry. Modern jewelry eras used peridots in sterling silver filigree rings. Peridots fit the right prong for happier engagements and out-of-the-box rings for enthusiastic graduates. This stone is packed with unique qualities and diverse arrangements.

Tension Setting

The mysterious tension setting has debuted on the runway plenty of times over the last decade. The sleek variations that model the perfect tension setting placed jewelers in a place of high esteem. Unlike bezel or multi-prong settings, the tension setting uses a quirky heating process. As the metal is heated to hold the stone in its embrace, an optical illusion materializes. 

There are many ways to achieve the ideal tension setting. You certainly  need round faceted peridot gems. Faux tension settings with a supporting bridge entail the same look, only there's more support for softer stones.

Hoop Tassel Earrings

Hoop earrings with tassels add a divine touch to the classic hoop earring. String round faceted peridot beads and hoop earrings with loops for a dazzling bling effect. Combine earth tone bead slices and Stretch Magic clear cord to weave pretty bead designs inside the hoop! 

If you prefer a classic tassel earring without the hoop, check out these sturdy ear wires to multiply the strands.

Geometric Charm Bracelets

Geometric charm bracelets became a wardrobe staple over the years. These fabulous charm bracelets are appropriate for work, and they add a dash of color to predominantly black wardrobes. Charm bracelets commonly use turquoise, jasper, chalcedony, and earthier stones to maintain a Bohemian appeal. However, looking to glitzy gemstone beads to raise the glamour factor creates a spontaneous piece. Make zig-zag charms and artful shapes with 16G burgundy wire.

Peridot beads and burgundy jewelry wire produce a rich fusion. The perfect silver chain bracelet blends the bold contrast together.

Contact us for any questions regarding our jewelry wire recommendations, tools, wire hardening techniques, and bead sizes.

Reinvent the Way Eyeglasses are Worn With Post-Impressionist Style Beads
Tuesday, September 29 2015 00:00

Lampwork Beads for Eyeglass Holders  
Reinvent the Way Eyeglasses are Worn With Post-Impressionist Style Beads

For the people who feel like they have everything in the world, it's hard to grasp new ideas that are innovative and endlessly creative. Sometimes, we must seek practical solutions for creative designs.

Eyeglass holder necklaces can be utilized with any event and any season! Wearing glasses is a daunting task for many people. They must make sure that their glasses are easily accessible for any type of scenario. Look no further than unique people who work in the arts and literature. Constantly seeking intricate details in numerous works, they need to have a secure necklace for their careers. 

Ideas and Design

If you can't think of ideas that will take your jewelry to the next level, look for inspiration in different artistic eras. Eyeglass holders are for everyone, so you want to offer a variety of styles. For example, post-impressionism pieces were inspired by abstract shapes and bold colors.

Channel swirls with thick paint strokes in your holders! These round, blue lampwork beads with a gold satin garnish, reinvent Van Gogh's classic Starry Nights piece. Lampwork beads are usually the centerpiece of the design, and you don't want your holder to be heavy. Use crystal bugle beads and black bicone Swarovski beads to break up the weight while staying within the Starry Nights color palette.

Of course, Monet truly delved into post-impressionism. Sketch out a holders design with blue, green, zebra, and pink lampwork beads to capture those essential Monet artworks. Dreamy, vibrant hues work with any wardrobe. Wire adds contrast and complexity. Sculpt swirls and floral embellishments with this cutting-edge WigJig starters kit

You need your eyeglass holder to provide sturdiness and comfort. Estimate the total weight of your beads and the holes to see what chords and strings will work with the holder. White Soft Flex string supports the roughest beads for years of wearing. Braid the flex to multiply the benefits. 

Stringing along the right bead ensemble is tricky. For any questions that relate to chords and beads, contact us.

Making Unique Earrings
Sunday, September 27 2015 00:00

Swarovski Pearl Beads for Earrings  
Making Unique Earrings

Your buyer's know that accessories are important to an outfit. Accessories complete the outfit and pull the whole ensemble together. They set an outfit apart from someone else's. They are also the best way to visually express yourself.  

Unique earrings are a subtle, but fun way to set your look apart. When you make earrings, you want to craft something that inspires your buyers.

One way to make sure that you are making unique earrings, is to use unique beads, such as Swarovski Pearl Gold beads.

Remember that earrings fame and bring attention to the face. People want earrings that complement their style and personality. Use elegant designs and fabulous colors to draw people to your jewelry. Find the mix between what you want you like and what you think others will be drawn too. Whatever kind of beads you choose to use, have fun creating different pieces to bring life and excitement. Envision how someone might craft an outfits around the earrings. Fun and visually interesting earrings are perfect for this.

A fun pattern, like poke-a-dots or floral, can help spice up a plain outfit. Round beads, such as pressed glass beads, can help you make a poke-a-dot pattern. Create earrings with flowers using the dark bluegreen, orred cloisonne beads. Use brightly color beads, like these pink and topaz lampwork beads, to make earrings that add a splash of color to a monotone outfit. 

If you have any question about earrings or handcrafted jewelry, please, contact us.


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