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Using the Season's Fashion Color Predictions to Choose the Perfect Gemstone Beads for Jewelry
Monday, March 30 2015 00:00

Gemstone Beads for Jewelry Rings by WigJig

Using the Season's Fashion Color Predictions to Choose the Perfect Gemstone Beads for Jewelry

Spring is upon us, and with it one of the biggest fashion holidays of the year. The color experts at Pantone have released their predictions just in time for the Easter Season. This is wonderful news to the ears of the savvy designer of handcrafted jewelry. It means having the inside scoop on what accessories will be in demand. The experts say that this season is moving toward the cooler, softer side of the palette and the more nostalgic hues. This information can become a cash boon for the jewelry designer who is able plan strategically.

The top ten colors to pay attention to this season are Aquamarine, Scuba Blue, Lucite Green, Classic Blue, Toasted Almond, Strawberry Ice, Tangerine, Custard, Marsala, and Glacier Grey. Handcrafted jewelry that boasts complimentary Gems and beads will be the perfect accessory this season. It will be profitable to use aquamarine, soothing blues and greens, citrine, and champagne. Grey, black, cream and silver pearl will be wonderfully elegant. WigJig has beautiful turquoise and kelly green specialty beads that are sure to make a hit.

In addition to the specialty beads, WigJig offers customers outstanding jewelry design ideas. Two designs that immediately stand out for the Easter Holiday are the Pearl Bracelet Set and the Crystals, Pearls, and Gems Necklace. These two pieces are stunning and elegant. They both would make a wonderful addition to the repertoire of the best jewelry   designer. Expert predictions for the season’s colors, high quality supplies, and awesome designs are sure to make this spring most profitable and joyous for that prepared designer.

Contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We love to get to know our customers and will be happy to meet any need you may have.

From Romantic Gemstones to Romantic Jewelry
Sunday, March 29 2015 00:00

Romantic Gemstones Amethyst Blog

From Romantic Gemstones to Romantic Jewelry

Aventurineamethysttiger eye: the very names roll dramatically off the tongue. So do the names of the exotic and romantic locations where they are found. Places such as Asia, South America, and Africa have long been linked with thoughts of adventure and romance; now you can create jewelry with that same sense of romantic adventure!

In some parts of the world, gemstone mining is done using sophisticated equipment on a grand scale. But in many other areas, gemstones are still being found by that lone adventurer (or small group of adventurers) using picks, shovels and sometimes just bare hands. Whether dug out of the earth with heavy equipment or literally plucked out of the side of a mountain by some brave soul with a keen eye, gemstones are a treasure worth the seeking.

Now you can use your hands and adventurous spirit to take what the earth has yielded to create a lovely piece of jewelry using exotic and romantic gemstones brought to you from all corners of the earth. Whether you create a pendant of lovely citrineearrings of fiery garnet or a bracelet using mysterious labradorite, your creation will retain a little of the adventure, danger and romance of the gemstone’s origins. You will also have created a piece of gemstone jewelry which perfectly suits your own spirit of adventure!

If you have questions about gemstones, contact us and we will be delighted to help. We may not have plucked them from the side of a mountain ourselves, but we have years of experience using gemstone beads which we are very willing to share!

Beading Jewelry Making Supplies: Not All Are Created Equal!
Saturday, March 28 2015 00:00

Beads and Wire Beads Supplies by WigJig

Beading Supplies: Not All Are Created Equal!

Years ago, I inherited a secondhand beading supply kit from my sister. I immediately set about trying to create jewelry, only to have the projects literally fall apart in my hands. Wires broke once they had more than a few beads on them. Beads literally shattered when I picked them up, or passed a single thread through them. My pliers actually broke my wires in half. At the time, I attributed my bad luck to a lack of knowledge, but while this was certainly part of the problem, the other problem was my beading supplies' quality.

Whether you are a professional jewelry designer, an amateur or somewhere in between, your beading supplies' quality matters. Just because something looks good does not mean it is...whether it's beads, gemstones or wires. To create something of value for a client, a loved one or yourself, you need to begin with something of value.

WigJig provide beautiful quality beads and gemstones at the right price. You can buy the right wire, the right tools, and other products that can assist you in creating beautiful jewelry, for yourself or someone else! WigJig also sells wire and beading books, in addition to online books. Maybe most important of all to any amateur, WigJig also offers classes that provide information about beginning jewelry making techniques as well as advanced.

I gave up on my secondhand beading kit when the necklace I painstakingly created literally went to pieces, and I had to spend half an hour on the floor picking up tiny beads. You really do get what you pay for, especially when it comes to beading supplies.

We have everything you need to make jewelry that is beautiful as well as lasting. For more information about our wide array of products, contact us.

Make Your Own Fashion Week Earrings
Wednesday, March 25 2015 00:00

Fashion Week Earrings Blog

Make Your Own Fashion Week Earrings

The spring fashion shows around the world and are coming to a close. One trend that was a constant was statement earrings. From Oscar de la Renta to Louis Vuitton, earrings that sent a message and complemented a beautiful outfit were viewed countless times down the cat walk. Instead of paying big bucks for designer jewelry, why not design and handcraft your own?

The first step to make your own fashionable earrings involves selecting the type of wire to be the scaffolding of the earring. Wires range in gauges, and the smaller the corresponding number, the thicker will be the wire. A universal wire which satisfies most people is gauge 21. It's not too big and easily fits into most pierced ears. However, bigger and heavier earrings, such as hoops, require more support and are better supported by a thicker and sturdier wire such as gauge 18.

After you decide upon the wire gauge, select the type of metal. Earrings are made with a variety of metals, but steer clear of wires containing nickel or copper. Nickel is an allergen to many people and copper can turn the skin green! Niobium and titanium wires result in few allergic reactions and hold up well amongst most jewelry designs.

Finally, your handcrafted earrings are ready to wear after all sharp edges and points are buffed and trimmed. Don't forget to include some plastic earring stoppers so the earring posts don't push into your neck behind the earlobes.

Now you're ready to show off your latest masterpiece!

Visit WigJig to learn more about the latest jewelry making craze, find free tutorials, and buy products and tools for your next jewelry adventure.

As always, contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your experience with WigJig.

3 Reasons Why Jewelry Making is a Rewarding Lifestyle
Tuesday, March 24 2015 00:00

WigJig Jewelry Designs with Wire and Beads

3 Reasons Why Jewelry Making is a Rewarding Lifestyle

For some, jewelry making is a hobby. For others who have a bit more of a passion for it, it can be a way of life. This post will discuss the reasons why jewelry making is so much more than “just jewelry making.”

It’s a Way of Speaking a Language

Jewelry making is an art form and one more way with which people can communicate. Being a jewelry maker means saying what you want to say without words. You can do it with jewelry instead. Your pieces are a reflection and extension of who you are as a human being. And there is an endless variety of pieces you can design.

It’s One of the Most Thoughtful Ways to Give Gifts

Nothing says, “I put my heart and soul into this” quite like a homemade gift. Not only can you save tons of money on holiday gifts and birthday presents, but you can make the jewelry pieces you give so much more personal than any other gift. People adore receiving things that are handmade and that they can wear. It’s even better when the gift is made by someone who is good at what they do.

It’s a Cheap Therapy Session

There is something very therapeutic and cathartic about the art of jewelry making. It is one of those wonderful things that is multi-faceted: it can be done to relieve stress, done with the company of friends, and created to make excellent pieces and sell professionally. How many people can say that their therapy session doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg and actually allows them to make a profit off of it?

For more information, please contact us today.


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