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Making Head Pins Out of Jewelry Wire
Tuesday, November 06 2012 18:26

We have updated our web page on making head pins out of jewelry wire.  We added several new ways to make head pin findings. 

Head pin jewelry making findingFor those who do not know about head pins, they are a jewelry making finding used primarily to attach beads to a jewelry component.  The head pin is very similar to a straight pin used in sewing crafts, but without the sharpened point on the end.  The head pin is threaded through the hole in a bead, with extra straight wire on top of the bead, and the head of the head pin holding the bead at the bottom.  You can view a picture of the end of a head pin at right. 

Updating Instructions on Making Head Pins with Jewelry Wire

A normal head pin, like the one shown above right, is made by a machine that stamps the end of the head pin to create the "head".  Since most people don't have this stamping machine, they are unable to make conventional head pins like the one shown. 

Handmade Queen of Clubs Head Pin Jewelry Making FindingFortunately, we do not always need a conventional head pin, and many times the head on a conventional head pin will be too small and will pass through the hole in a bead.  Whenever you need a larger head on your head pin, you can make your own head pin like the one shown at right.  Making a head pin involves using one of our WigJig jewelry making jigs to create the three loops at the bottom of the head pin, as shown.  You can also make a head pin using a permanent spiral wire component, using an eye loop, using a figure 8 wire component, or by hammering wire to flatten it

View our free jewelry making instructions on how to make a head pin jewelry finding out of jewelry wire.

Coiled Wire Ribbons for Beaded Jewelry
Friday, November 02 2012 06:00

Ribboned Coils of jewelry wire made using common jewelry tools

Ribboned coils of jewelry wire made using common jewelry making tools

For some reason, all month long, I have been drawn to wire techniques involving coils and spirals, as evidenced by our recent Facebook postings.  Every time I check the WigJig website, I keep selecting techniques about Spirals, SpiralMaker

Highlighting a coiled ribbon jewelry making technique

So, to continue with that theme, I want to highlight the technique of "coiled wire ribbons".  These wire coils are so simple to make.  After flattening round jewelry wire with a hammer, and then using your chain nose jewelry pliers to coil that wire, you will find that you can make wire jewelry components that look not only beautiful, but that are also very unique and interesting.  These wire "ribbons" offer designers another option when using wire to accent their beaded jewelry pieces. 

In the photo on the left, we show beads wrapped with wire, using loops formed around a Super Peg on any WigJig, combined with the hand-made ribboned coils.  The photo on the right is a close-up of these wire loops and coils.

If you decide to try this coileld wire ribbons technique, we would love to see you email us your results!  Your jewelry creativity is always appreciated.

Wishing everyone well, especially our friends on the East Coast.  Our thoughts are with all of you.

Thursday, November 01 2012 21:55

Welcome to the WigJig Blog on Jewelry Making

In this blog we want to discuss items of interest to people making jewelry with wire and beads.  We also will discuss jewelry techniques and respond to questions posed to us.

If you have questions for us please send us an e-mail.  We'll respond via email and this blog. 

Thank you for your interest in our WigJig Web Site. 


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