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Essential Jewelry Making Tools: The Basics
Friday, June 12 2015 00:00

Jewelry Making Tools by WigJig  
Essential Jewelry Making Tools: The Basics

Whenever starting a new hobby or business, there are certain tools which are essential to making the task possible and jewelry making is no exception. Invest your money wisely and you’ll be off to a great start with quality tools that will make your new venture easier and more enjoyable. Learning a new skill is frustrating enough without trying to deal with inadequate or poorly made tools at the same time.

The jewelry making tools you will need will vary somewhat depending upon the type of jewelry you want to make but there are some which every jeweler will need. Several types of good quality pliers should be at the top of your list.

You will want good quality round nose pliers for creating loops and doing wire-wrapping. They are also essential for creating your own eyepins. Learn these tips for working with wire and you'll find it easier to make components you'll be proud of.

Chain nose pliers will allow you to hold onto components with your non-dominant hand while working on them with your other hand. Their fine tips will allow you to reach into tight spaces or work at awkward angles while doing various wire-working tasks. Bent chain nose pliers are even more versatile since they allow you to reach into tight areas while still being able to see what you're doing.

Unlike chain nose pliers, flat-nose pliers have flat, rather than rounded, edges which will allow you to make sharp turns in your wire.

In order to cut your wire, you'll also want a good quality flush cutter. It's particularly important to invest in the best quality tool you can afford with these, since top quality cutters are easier to use, will keep their sharpness longer and also cut more cleanly so you'll have less filing to do. 

As always, those of us here at WigJig look forward to supplying your every jewelry making need. Contact us for further information and we will be delighted to help. We've already assembled a deluxe kit of recommended tools which would get you off to a fabulous start in making jewelry!

5 Incredible Bead Patterns for Making Necklaces
Thursday, June 11 2015 00:00

Twisted Wire Necklace by WigJig  

5 Incredible Bead Patterns for Making Necklaces

The internet is flooded with great necklace designs and bead patterns. Although there are many, some of them are not very good or the instructions may not be very clear. Also, a lot of jewelry designs out there require tools and supplies that the average jewelry artist does not have on hand.

WigJig to the rescue! Our information rich website has tons of necklace designs to look through. From the unique and interesting to the classic and beautiful, there is a design for every taste and style in ourJewelry Designs gallery. Here are 5 of our favorite bead patterns for creating lovely necklaces.

Fuchsia Twist – This design has a beautiful looped focal piece from which charms or focal beads can be hung. The sample in the instructions is done with lovely shades of pink and purple, but this would look stunning in greens or blues as well.

Gemstone Fixed Post – This stunning post style necklace design is a classic. Using a Square Sterling Pendant finding, you can mount a diamond cut gemstone in the setting and create a beautiful necklace. It is sterling silver for durability and shine.

3D Spiral  – These bead patterns create a matched necklace and earrings set. Pretty and eclectic, this necklace is sure to be unique. Shown in pinks and greens, this piece is a great example of several techniques combined into one. It’s a fun and interesting necklace to make.

Three Stars – This pattern will be a fast classic. With elegant twists and turns that create a center piece that will not soon be forgotten, this necklace design is definitely a head turner.

Fish Tail – A whimsical pattern for the aquatic lover in all of us, this pattern shows how to make a bead stopper for a lamp work fish bead that looks like the fish’s tail. It’s lovely and functional!

With these 5 bead patterns to get you going, you’re sure to learn several techniques that you can apply to future projects as well. If you have any questions about these or other bead patterns, contact us. We’re happy to help.

Using Beading Patterns to Make "Jewelry" for Your Yard and Deck
Wednesday, June 10 2015 00:00

Wire Dragonfly by WigJig  
Using Beading Patterns to Make "Jewelry" for Your Yard and Deck

Now that warm weather is finally returning, let's celebrate by adorning our decks and yards with some unique, one-of-a-kind "yard jewelry" using beading patterns

The next time you're having a party on your deck, use our cocktail rings, along with some nice disposable drinkware, to help your guests keep track of their drinks. Set out a shallow basket of assorted rings and tell your guests to pick their favorite since it will also be their party favor. Making them in a variety of colors and types of beads is also a great way to use up some of your stash.

Floating large, individual blossoms in beaded votives and setting them out is a lovely, simple way to add a little sparkle to the party. If the flowers you choose are sweetly fragrant, that's even better!

Don't forget to add a little bling to your planters and flower beds either; you can decorate them with butterfly plant stakes. With a little ingenuity, the pattern can probably be tweaked to make simple bird shapes, too. Invite some wire dragonflies to the party - after all, the real deal are major predators of mosquitos and always a welcome sight. These dragonflies sit nicely on flat surfaces, but could also be wired to sturdy stakes like the butterflies.

These projects are all fairly simple and easy to do, but if you need further instructions, especially in the use of our amazing jigs, check out our video lessons. We've worked hard to try to anticipate questions and problems and offer solutions through our learning center. And, as always, contact us for all of the supplies, tools and beautiful beads you need for your next jewelry project - whether it's for you to wear, to give as a gift or as "jewelry" to adorn your yard and deck! 

Gemstone Beads & Intended Potential
Tuesday, June 09 2015 00:00

Gemstone Jewelry Making Techniques by WigJig  
Gemstone Beads & Intended Potential

For centuries, gemstone beads have continued to flourish in reference to acquired fashionable taste per say. Historically, they were considered a delicacy, and perceived to bring forth great power, healing, protection, enlightenment, balance, etc., for the individual wearing them.

List of Gemstones & Intentions

  • Amethyst: Intended for protection, healing, energetic clearing, enlightenment, and balance.
  • Beryl: Intended for surrounding the self with positivity, healing, courage, and perceived to relieve stress.
  • Green Fluorite: Used for grounding, releasing negative emotional tendencies, and suggested for healing.
  • Hematite: Used for protection, focus, bringing forth positive emotional/inner aspects of the self, and possess healing properties.
  • Moonstone: Alignment/surfacing of Feminine power, enlightenment, inner reflection, suggested healing properties, and balancing.
  • Opal:Enhances enlightenment, creativity, ignites Divine inner love, aids in emotional healing, and possesses physical healing properties as well. 
  • Rose Quartz: Considered the "powerhouse" of stones pertaining to healing properties, suggested to cleanse the Soul, and enhance enlightenment.
  • Selenite: Also known as the "Angelic" stone, because it's perceived to connect directly to the angelic realm. Intended to bring forth clarity, align an individual to their "Higher Self", and promote healthy balance.
  • Tiger's Eye: Intended for protection, clarity, enhances enlightenment, and suggested to balance the inner yin and yang energies.

The orchestrated list above is extremely brief, but whatever your intentions are for creating/purchasing magically beautiful pieces, we want our customers to be informed and completely satisfied. We also want you to love the flow of embracing your creative essence. Please contact us directly with any questions you might have about our gemstone collection, or other available products as well.

Essential Jewelry Making Tools: The Extras
Monday, June 08 2015 00:00

Jewelry Hand Tools by WigJig  
Essential Jewelry Making Tools: The Extras

Once you have the essential jewelry tools, there are other tools which aren’t strictly essential but which will definitely make the task at hand more enjoyable. The first and foremost of these would be a wire jig such as the WigJig. With this handy device, you won’t be stuck using any available jewelry findings but can, instead, set your imagination free to design and create the perfect findings for your jewelry. Before choosing a wire jig, we suggest you watch our video for help in finding the right jig for your needs.

Fine step jaw pliers will allow you to make uniform loops in three different sizes. With these pliers you'll be able to create loops which perfectly fit the pegs on your new WigJig.   

Crimping pliers aren’t absolutely essential - after all, crimps can be easily and securely closed with chain or flat-nose pliers. However, as demonstrated here, crimping pliers allow for a neater and more polished finish indicative of professional work. 

Nylon-jawed pliers are another handy item in which to invest. These will allow you to straighten and smooth wire without marring it. View our video for helpful tips to use when dealing with wire. 

Once you've cut wire (especially for ear wires), you'll want to round the ends of the wires to make them comfortable to wear. This is where a cup bur comes in very handy. It will create smooth, comfortably rounded ends for your new earrings.

Now that you've collected quality tools for your jewelry-making, you'll need a safe place to neatly organize them. Our tool wallet will keep eight tools safe but still handy.

Contact us for these tools and all of your other jewelry making supplies. We have everything you'll need to make gorgeous jewelry you'll be proud to wear.



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