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Jewelry-Making Patterns can unleash creativity in any beading medium!
Tuesday, August 25 2015 00:00

Jewelry Making Patterns and Creativity  
Jewelry-Making Patterns Can Unleaseh Creativity In Any Beading Medium!

One of the best things about beadwork is that you can customize and coordinate. Whether you are trying to match an outfit, or making something special for a loved one, bead patterns can help you achieve your vision. WigJig has so much to assist the craftsman in all of us!

Bead Patterns

WigJig has many wonderful tutorials that feature different bead patterns. Once you have mastered a pattern, the sky is the limit. Simply by substituting a different size bead in the pattern, for instance, you can effect major changes. The results can be VERY satisfying!

Beads by YOU

Another way that WigJig helps the jewelry designer is with excellent products and design tutorials for your own beads which can stand alone, or be used in a pattern. These include wire, fiber and even coil beads. Ideas and tutorials for bead dangles and wraps can also add to your repertoire.

Beading designs for your HOME

One of the unique and helpful features of the WigJig site is offering beading ideas for your home. There is an impressive number of ideas for an aspect of bead design that is generally overlooked or just not thought of.  Who wouldn't want a beautiful piece that can easily be adapted to your color scheme and design?

EXCELLENT quality tools

There is no replacement for good tools.  A good finished piece relies heavily on a tool's ease of use and durability. It is also important to have the right tool for the right job. WigJig has a wide selection ofproducts that assists the jewelry artisan. Along with the products, though, there is ample support material. These include templates, how-to videos and tutorials that are invaluable!

If you would like any more information, please contact us!

Back-to-School Necklaces You Can Make
Monday, August 24 2015 00:00

Tattoo Jewelry for Back-To-School Necklaces  
Back-To-School Necklaces You Can Make!

That time of the year is approaching very quickly again. Children and adults are gearing up for back-to-school preparation, specifically shopping. If you're a teacher, school staff member, or older student, chances are part of your back-to-school shopping will include jewelry. Teachers and school staff are required to look professional and students like to be fashionable. Often times jewelry is a fun way to achieve whatever look you are going for. Necklaces are an easy way to quickly add some personality and put together your final look. WigJig has numerous styles that can help you create jewelry to appeal to many types of customer.

Colorful and Fun

Many times older students will search out colorful and unique necklaces that appear young and trendy. School staff may even search out these options if they want to brighten up a neutral outfit. WigJig carries numerous beads that could help create this type of necklace. For example the Oval Cloisonne Red bead could be used in conjunction with neutral beads or other Cloisonne beads for a stand out look. You could use elaborate wire patterns to create an even more unique look, like that found in Knots Squared

Chain Necklaces

Chain necklaces are becoming more and more popular with women of all ages. They can range from simple to colorful and unique with the simple addition of beads. Many like to use simple chain necklaces, without beads, to polish off a loud outfit or jazz up a plain t-shirt and khakis. Others like to pair a chain necklace with beads to match or contrast their outfit colors. Adding beads to chain necklaces can be easy and provide room for an endless amount of creativity. WigJig's Wire Wrapped Chain Necklace is a beautiful example of this type of necklace.


Women wanting to look professional tend to go for a more simple looking necklace. The first necklace many of us think of when we think of simple, yet beautiful, is the pearl necklace. WigJig offers a variety of basic to colorful pearls, allowing for a unique touch. You can also create a more elaborate pearl necklace using wire designs, like WigJig's Classic Pearls Necklace

Necklaces made to meet back-to-school needs can be fun and easy to make with WigJig. Not only do they offer supplies and tools, but they offer easy to follow instructions and tutorials for specific designs. This allows you to make necklaces exactly like you see on the website, or to learn new techniques that can be applied to creations made specifically for you and your customers. 

Feel free to contact us with comments or questions!

Beautiful Handmade Cracked Marble Necklaces
Sunday, August 23 2015 00:00

Lampwork Glass Beads  
Beautiful Handmade Cracked Marble Necklaces

There is something entrancing about cracked marble necklaces. Maybe it's the brightness of the color after it has been cooked, or maybe it's the unique design of spiderweb cracks that occur only on the inside of the marble. These necklaces can be designed as a simple, one pendent necklace or you can choose from a numerous amount of more elaborate designs.

How to Crack the Marbles

To begin, you just need regular marbles, a stove, a muffin pan and a bowl of ice water. You can choose whatever color or pattern of marbles you would like. Some people just do the clear marbles because the finished effect is similar to that of a diamond, but bright jades, deep purples and turquoise marbles are all also very pretty.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Place each of the marbles into their own slot in the muffin pan and bake for twenty minutes. After the marbles are done, immediately drop them into an ice bath for ten to fifteen minutes. Do not touch the marbles until they have been in the ice bath for at least ten minutes. Now you have beautiful cracked marbles to make stunning necklaces!

Necklace cording

Next you'll have to decide what type of cord or chain you want to use. A leather cord would work wonderfully for a simple look. This would be an easy option if you wanted to make necklaces to match different outfits. For a more elegant design, a sterling silver, linked chain would compliment the beautiful colors of your marble(s), add dimension and give the piece a more classy look.

Anchoring your marbles

Now you'll have to decide what method to use to anchor your marbles to the your chain. An ornate silver bail can tie together an elegant or a simple style. For a more elaborate necklace, with multiple marbles attached you can utilize silver bead end caps. If you want to add your own creative touch, you can usejewelry wire to create an ornate seat and anchor for the cracked marble.

Other items

  • Clasp to close the deal on your beautiful new necklace.
  • Pliers if you plan to use jewelry wire.

For more ideas on jewelry design or to purchase products for your jewelry making endeavors, contact us.

7 Beading Supplies Every Beadwork Artist Should Have
Thursday, June 25 2015 00:00

Jewelry Making Supplies by WigJig  
Beading Supplies Every Beadwork Artist Should Have

Whether you're a beginning beadwork artist or you've been at it for years, there is always something new to learn. New tools and techniques come along regularly and it's important to make sure you're on top of things in your industry. 

Here is a list of 7 of the must-have beading supplies every bead and jewelry artist should have on their work bench.

Wire - There are many sizes, weights and even colors of wire available. If you're not sure which wire you need for your project, read this blog post on choosing the right wire for your needs.

Beads - Of course you need beads! Often you will need some additional beads to compliment the materials you already have. With so many colors, shapes, finishes and materials to choose from, you're sure to find just what you need.

Hand Tools - No bead or jewelry artist is getting very far if they don't have a good set of hand tools. You can get yourself a set of tools that have everything you need, or just buy a few pieces at a time. You should definitely have some round nose and chain nose pliers along with some flush cutters to get you started.

Bead Board - These will help you plan and design your piece before you begin assembly. There's nothing like getting into the middle of a project and realizing your finished piece is not going to end up as long as you wanted it to!

Findings - You will need something to hold your pieces together. There are tons of findings to choose from for different projects. From ear wires and posts to end caps and cones, you should have an ample supply on hand.

Wig Jig - These tools are simply amazing. You can make all sorts of shapes, wire wrapped accents and other goodies to put into your projects. You can even make your own findings!

Kits - If you're unsure where to start with a new technique or product, get yourself a kit. It will have everything you need to learn something new.

So there you have it, 7 beading supplies you should use to make your projects amazing.


If you have questions or comments about this article, please contact us.

Watch Bracelets - Make Your Own
Wednesday, June 24 2015 00:00

Watch Bracelets by WigJig  
Watch Bracelets - Make Your Own

If you're looking to expand your inventory, but don't know what else to add, consider making watch bracelets. Watches are a great thing to make because you can customize them in quite a few different ways. People love fashionable watches that match their different outfits. 

Don't know how to make a watch bracelet? Need different ideas on what kind of bands to make? WigJig has instructions detailing how to make a variety of watches.

When designing watches, pull from different occasions or holidays to get ideas for designs. Pick from things that inspire you and things that you think that others would like as well. Here are a few ideas:

Black or white pearl beads make an elegant watch, perfect for a night out with a special someone. This one is also great for those who want something to match their other pearl jewelry, or want a watch with a vintage vibe.

Use red, emerald, and clear beads to create a festive Christmas watch. Christmas is a great holiday to create jewelry for because it's celebrated all month with plenty of parties and events to dress up for. A Christmas style watch would be a fine fashion choice for most of the month of December.

Create a watch that is fun and whimsical using cute and exciting beads, like Dichroic Swirl Green, Feather Gold-Blue Dark, and Zebra Pink Green Pink. Explore the many beads available at WigJig to find beads that speak to you and make you want to design something.


With a little imagination and some beads, the possibilities are endless. If you have any questions about handcrafted jewelry, please, contact us.




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