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Jewelry Supplies for Making Dream Catcher Necklaces

Monday, October 19 2015 00:00



Jewelry Supplies for Making Dream Catcher Necklaces

There is something about dream catcher jewelry that screams simple and chic. Maybe its the Native American roots or the concept behind them, but there is definitely something that attracts us to them. While feather necklaces have become popular in stores, you're not likely to find a stylish dream catcher necklace. That's why you should make one yourself! Your necklace will be completely unique to your style!  Here are the jewelry supplies you'll need:

Metal Ring and Suede Cord

The ring will determine the size of the dream catcher circle. You will use the cord to wrap around the metal ring, anchor your feathers and to go around your neck. The cord color you choose will be the primary color for your dream catcher. You usually see black cord for dream catchers, but turquoise or a darker brown will be just as pretty. You could even do a dark purple. It all depends on your taste!


Get this is in a lighter brown or white. You will be using this to create the weaving in the heart of the necklace. The "catcher" area.


This is where things get really unique! You can weave beads onto the sinew. They can be whatever type of beads you like and you can use as many or as little as you like. Additionally you'll want some beads for the "tails" of the dream catcher. Again, you can use whatever kind and whatever amount that suits you.


You'll need 2-3 decorative feathers to hang from the tails and seal the dream catcher look. You'll tie the tips of the feathers to the bottom of the tail strings and secure them with glue. White or brown and black feathers are really stunning, but depending on your color scheme until this point, you can go with other options as well.

Other supplies

Scissors- for cutting the string

Glue- to hold the feathers to their knots

Paper clip- to hold the suede in place while wrapping it around the metal ring.

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