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Using Gemstone Beads for Handmade Jewelry Making Projects

Tuesday, October 13 2015 00:00

Gemstone Pinch Bail Gemstones and Settings by WigJig  

Using Gemstone Beads for Handmade Jewelry Making Projects

Creating jewelry is fun and fulfilling. If you are wanting to do something different with your bead work, or you want to take your jewelry up a notch, start using gemstone beads. Remember, to make higher quality jewelry, you need to use higher quality material.

Gemstone beads are a beautiful addition to any piece of jewelry. They add visual interest and spice up your pieces. Here are some gemstone beads to use in your handcrafted jewelry.

Donut shape beads give a fun dynamic to a piece. This carved jade donut bead and this rose quartz donut bead are both lovely beads that add shape and interest to a piece.

The round tiger eye beads have a unique color and pattern. They would be perfect as background beads in a bracelet with a fall color scheme.

These small turquoise Chinese beads are dainty and bright. They are a fun way to add a little turquoise to a piece. To shake things up, pair these with some vivid red beads to create at rich color pattern.

Hematite is a popular metal in jewelry. Hematite beads are sleek and modern. These beads are perfect for a contemporary style necklace.

Using gemstone beads can be fun and exciting. Explore what kind of beads are out there and use what inspires you. You are sure to enjoy working with gemstones beads to help make your creations the best that they can be. 

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