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Jewelry Making Ideas for Art Deco Inspired Pieces

Monday, October 12 2015 00:00

Onyx and Silver Spirals - Art Deco Earrings by WigJig  

Jewelry Making Ideas for Art Deco Inspired Pieces

Art Deco stemmed from the Art Nouveau era in the mid-1920s. Today, Art Deco remains as a classic reference point in jewelry design. Art Deco represents a fascinating bond between architecture, decadence, and symmetry in a geometric and philosophical context. The bold aesthetic ushered in a new world full of technology and industrialization. 

Art Deco inspired jewelry still emerges on the runway and in the minds of designers who channel the inspiration in their artwork. Whether it's a play on symmetry using princess cut stones in a patterned tennis bracelet or a ring adorned with openwork carvings to create an illusion building upon lustrous dimensions, the decorative possibilities are unique and organized to form that opulent intent.

Jewelry making ideas for Art Deco has an endless range of spontaneity and tasteful reinvention. 


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