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Using Beads to Create Jewelry and Fashion For Custom Dolls

Thursday, October 08 2015 00:00

Pear Shaped Pendants by WigJig  

Using Beads to Create Jewelry and Fashion For Custom Dolls

Custom doll designers have an interesting perspective when it comes to remodeling or building a doll from beginning to end. Each detail from the rouged cheeks to choosing the right eye color intrigues a doll collectors' imagination. 

If you design dolls, accessories only accentuate your craft. Porcelain dolls and even limited edition high fashion dolls meant for the curio cabinet need flashy ensembles.

Earrings, Necklaces, and Rings 

With the help of in-depth tutorials, creating earrings, rings, and necklaces for your dolls has never been easier!

Prefer to stay with a classic style? Give your doll green tourmaline stud earrings. If the gem is too big for the ear, you can always transform the stud earring into a timeless wire earring.

champagne pear drop pendant adorned with varied Swarovski beads serves as a pretty starting point for a vintage necklace or a brooch.

Depending on the hand size of the doll, rings with wire cutting techniques are manageable. Although, bead size is important to take into account, produce solitaire gemstone rings and intricate band rings! Take it a step into the fashionable with cuff bracelets!

Belts and Outfit Garnishes

Designing doesn't have to stop at jewelry! Use tube beads to decorate outfits and cascading gemstone gowns. Constructing a gown requires a lot of weave netting and seal tight threading in order to preserve the gown. Beads can degrade the fabric over time. For example, historically themed dolls need plenty of embellishments to illustrate the era of their origin! By incorporating a wire and sturdy thread based infrastructure, outfits stand the test of time.

Dolls that are channeling high fashion trends of today can easily raise eyebrows with a mixture ofPrecosia crystal beads and bugle beads to orchestrate wrap around belts for skirts, blouses, and coats. It's recommended that you use Stretch Magic chord for flexibility with a clasp or a catch variant for removability. 

With so many styles and eccentric techniques to choose from, finding the right pliers and assembly tools can overwhelm you! For any inquiries relating to these matters and even the beads that are best suited for certain chords and strings, contact us.



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