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Jewelry Supplies for Making Dream Catcher Necklaces
Monday, October 19 2015 00:00



Jewelry Supplies for Making Dream Catcher Necklaces

There is something about dream catcher jewelry that screams simple and chic. Maybe its the Native American roots or the concept behind them, but there is definitely something that attracts us to them. While feather necklaces have become popular in stores, you're not likely to find a stylish dream catcher necklace. That's why you should make one yourself! Your necklace will be completely unique to your style!  Here are the jewelry supplies you'll need:

Metal Ring and Suede Cord

The ring will determine the size of the dream catcher circle. You will use the cord to wrap around the metal ring, anchor your feathers and to go around your neck. The cord color you choose will be the primary color for your dream catcher. You usually see black cord for dream catchers, but turquoise or a darker brown will be just as pretty. You could even do a dark purple. It all depends on your taste!


Get this is in a lighter brown or white. You will be using this to create the weaving in the heart of the necklace. The "catcher" area.


This is where things get really unique! You can weave beads onto the sinew. They can be whatever type of beads you like and you can use as many or as little as you like. Additionally you'll want some beads for the "tails" of the dream catcher. Again, you can use whatever kind and whatever amount that suits you.


You'll need 2-3 decorative feathers to hang from the tails and seal the dream catcher look. You'll tie the tips of the feathers to the bottom of the tail strings and secure them with glue. White or brown and black feathers are really stunning, but depending on your color scheme until this point, you can go with other options as well.

Other supplies

Scissors- for cutting the string

Glue- to hold the feathers to their knots

Paper clip- to hold the suede in place while wrapping it around the metal ring.

For jewelry supplies or information about handmade jewelry, please contact us!

Best 3 Money Making Ideas for Selling Handmade Jewelry
Wednesday, October 14 2015 00:00

Lavender Teardrops Necklace by WigJig  
























Best 3 Money Making Ideas for Selling Handmade Jewelry

You probably seen amazing handmade jewelry on Etsy, and these are people who had an idea to make their own jewelry, and you can too. Some people are able to quit their day job and make a living on their jewelry sales. If you're a beginner and want to start making handmade jewelry, or if you're experienced and need ideas for making money with jewelry, these tips will help you get going.

Sell at an Arts and Crafts show

People who often look to buy unique jewelry go to arts and crafts shows. What better way to market your jewelry and gain new customers than at an arts and crafts show. Check online and your local area for upcoming arts and crafts shows. You'll need a table to display your jewelry, business cards with your information, and lots of unique jewelry to sell. WigJig has tools you'll want to make the perfect jewelry designs for any occasion.

Beauty Salons and Boutiques

Beauty salons and boutiques are great places to advertise your handmade jewelry. People are often looking for unique ideas, and your jewelry might be just what they've been looking for. Check with the owner at beauty salons and boutiques and have some jewelry on hand to show how creative you are. If it's something they will purchase, you can start making a profit and gain exposure. Whether you're a beginner or novice, there's no limit to the profit you can make – and by taking a jewelry making class, you can get new ideas and learn new ways to create jewelry for all ages.

Start a Blog

To sell on your blog, all you need is a good product and lots of it. Your handmade jewelry could reach people all over the world through your blog. You can advertise your handmade jewelry through blogs, and videos, and encourage people to share it with their friends. If you have an Etsy page you can refer people to your blog so they can subscribe and get updates on your latest jewelry.

Need new ideas for making jewelry, don't worry, we have you covered. You can get started by readingWonderful, Wearable Wire Book by Karen Ray.

If you have any questions or would like to know more information about the products we offer, contact us today.

Using Gemstone Beads for Handmade Jewelry Making Projects
Tuesday, October 13 2015 00:00

Gemstone Pinch Bail Gemstones and Settings by WigJig  

Using Gemstone Beads for Handmade Jewelry Making Projects

Creating jewelry is fun and fulfilling. If you are wanting to do something different with your bead work, or you want to take your jewelry up a notch, start using gemstone beads. Remember, to make higher quality jewelry, you need to use higher quality material.

Gemstone beads are a beautiful addition to any piece of jewelry. They add visual interest and spice up your pieces. Here are some gemstone beads to use in your handcrafted jewelry.

Donut shape beads give a fun dynamic to a piece. This carved jade donut bead and this rose quartz donut bead are both lovely beads that add shape and interest to a piece.

The round tiger eye beads have a unique color and pattern. They would be perfect as background beads in a bracelet with a fall color scheme.

These small turquoise Chinese beads are dainty and bright. They are a fun way to add a little turquoise to a piece. To shake things up, pair these with some vivid red beads to create at rich color pattern.

Hematite is a popular metal in jewelry. Hematite beads are sleek and modern. These beads are perfect for a contemporary style necklace.

Using gemstone beads can be fun and exciting. Explore what kind of beads are out there and use what inspires you. You are sure to enjoy working with gemstones beads to help make your creations the best that they can be. 

If you have any questions about handcrafted jewelry or gemstone beads, please, contact us.

Jewelry Making Ideas for Art Deco Inspired Pieces
Monday, October 12 2015 00:00

Onyx and Silver Spirals - Art Deco Earrings by WigJig  

Jewelry Making Ideas for Art Deco Inspired Pieces

Art Deco stemmed from the Art Nouveau era in the mid-1920s. Today, Art Deco remains as a classic reference point in jewelry design. Art Deco represents a fascinating bond between architecture, decadence, and symmetry in a geometric and philosophical context. The bold aesthetic ushered in a new world full of technology and industrialization. 

Art Deco inspired jewelry still emerges on the runway and in the minds of designers who channel the inspiration in their artwork. Whether it's a play on symmetry using princess cut stones in a patterned tennis bracelet or a ring adorned with openwork carvings to create an illusion building upon lustrous dimensions, the decorative possibilities are unique and organized to form that opulent intent.

Jewelry making ideas for Art Deco has an endless range of spontaneity and tasteful reinvention. 

Using Beads to Create Jewelry and Fashion For Custom Dolls
Thursday, October 08 2015 00:00

Pear Shaped Pendants by WigJig  

Using Beads to Create Jewelry and Fashion For Custom Dolls

Custom doll designers have an interesting perspective when it comes to remodeling or building a doll from beginning to end. Each detail from the rouged cheeks to choosing the right eye color intrigues a doll collectors' imagination. 

If you design dolls, accessories only accentuate your craft. Porcelain dolls and even limited edition high fashion dolls meant for the curio cabinet need flashy ensembles.

Earrings, Necklaces, and Rings 

With the help of in-depth tutorials, creating earrings, rings, and necklaces for your dolls has never been easier!

Prefer to stay with a classic style? Give your doll green tourmaline stud earrings. If the gem is too big for the ear, you can always transform the stud earring into a timeless wire earring.

champagne pear drop pendant adorned with varied Swarovski beads serves as a pretty starting point for a vintage necklace or a brooch.

Depending on the hand size of the doll, rings with wire cutting techniques are manageable. Although, bead size is important to take into account, produce solitaire gemstone rings and intricate band rings! Take it a step into the fashionable with cuff bracelets!

Belts and Outfit Garnishes

Designing doesn't have to stop at jewelry! Use tube beads to decorate outfits and cascading gemstone gowns. Constructing a gown requires a lot of weave netting and seal tight threading in order to preserve the gown. Beads can degrade the fabric over time. For example, historically themed dolls need plenty of embellishments to illustrate the era of their origin! By incorporating a wire and sturdy thread based infrastructure, outfits stand the test of time.

Dolls that are channeling high fashion trends of today can easily raise eyebrows with a mixture ofPrecosia crystal beads and bugle beads to orchestrate wrap around belts for skirts, blouses, and coats. It's recommended that you use Stretch Magic chord for flexibility with a clasp or a catch variant for removability. 

With so many styles and eccentric techniques to choose from, finding the right pliers and assembly tools can overwhelm you! For any inquiries relating to these matters and even the beads that are best suited for certain chords and strings, contact us.



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