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Customer Feedback 2011

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What Our Customers Say About WigJigs
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2011 Customer Feedback

The most well-designed, expensive product will yield mediocre results if one does not know how to use the product correctly.  Your company goes way beyond other companies in supplying the needed education to use your tools.  You are very generous.  You have a very satisfied customer.

Marilyn (October 2011)

I recently purchased a WigJig and love it!

Rose (October 2011)

I'm so excited to fill the rest of my tool arsenal with WigJig tools.  Thanks so much for your help and your wonderful products!!!!

Leah (October 2011)

I love my WigJig and had a blast playing with it last night.  I made two components to make earrings with and can't wait to finish them this evening.  What a great tool!  I am equally satisfied with the rest of my order as well.  I'm so glad I saw WigJig in my latest Bead Style magazine, it made me check you out on the Internet and after watching your "how to" videos, they inspired me to order my first WigJig -- I'm hooked now!  My earrings have gone in a whole new direction.  Thanks WigJig.

Pat (October 2011)

I love your website, so easy to use!  and WHAT SERVICE!  Thanks.

Susan (September 2011)

I just want to thank you for your great customer service.

Carrie (September 2011)

I really want to thank you.  I received the items and I am really happy... I can not stop making jewelry.  I really love the chandelier earrings (my daughter "steal" the first and second pairs I made and now she wants one pair of each color!!)  You can not imagine how happy I am and enjoy my wire designing!!  My head is full with ideas...and 24 hours is not enough for a day.

Nathalie (August 2011)  [editorial note.  Nathalie is French and therefore English is not her first language.  In spite of that, we feel she more than adequately conveyed her message.]

Received the Centaur today.  I am most impressed with the quality also the intrinsic strength.  Well done, quality always tells.

Derek (August 2011)

Many thanks for your prompt reply and the helpful comments to my enquiries.

Derek (August 2011)

Your customer service is tops.

Don (August 2011)

Your company is always so efficient and fast.  I love the product and that's why I keep coming back.  I never hesitate to recommend you to others who are looking in purchasing wire and related products.  

Teresa (August 2011)

I save every newsletter I get from you and review them often as I make jewelry.  The ideas are wonderful and I appreciate the modifications you include.  I thank you very much for what you do and the outstanding service you provide.

Cindy (August 2011)

Thank you all for being yourselves.  You brighten my day.

Sally (July 2011)

Thank you for your wonderful little inventions and very informative web site.

Ginger (July 2011)

Your products make amazing pieces of jewelry possible.  You have an excellent website.  Blessings.

Diana (July 2011)

I am a jewellery designer based in Colchester, England and it is sometimes quite difficult to source the tools and equipment commonly available in the USA.  The jigs you have invented are definitely the very best I have ever used, hence my repeat order.  I am always amazed at the inspiring designs, projects and pictures displayed on your web site and on the University pages.  It is so very generous of you to provide such a lot of detailed tutorials on-line to the crafting community free of charge ..... much appreciated.

Lisa-Dawn (July 2011)

You are great to do business with and your site is super interesting.  I am a fan.

Judy (June 2011)

I love your site and your prices.  I will be back to buy more!

Anne Marie (June 2011)

WigJig has helped me make a lot of jewelry.  Thank you.

Gloria (June 2011)

I have your WigJig and love it.

Pam (June 2011)

Your website is great!  One of the most informative and user friendly I have run across.  I spent the last several hours perusing your WigJig University and links back to your store.

Frances (May 2011)

The WigJig, and the WigJig University, has revolutionised my jewellery making -- Thank you for all the work and thought which went into both.  

Philip (May 2011)

You have a great website and wonderful designs!  Thank you.

Carol (May 2011)

I love your WigJig, would be lost without it.

Nancy (April 2011)

Your web site is amazing!

Sowmya (April 2011)

I have been experimenting with the jig and love it.

Cynthia (April 2011)

I have the WigJig Olympus with Super Pegs and love it!!  I use it for all my hoop earrings.

Beth (April 2011)

Your online information is fabulous.  I'm now hooked on making wire jewelry.

Jane (April 2011)

Thank you for having such excellent supplies and for inventing the WigJig!  

Lisa (March 2011)

First of all, I want to say that it is my pleasure working with you.  I like your web-site a lot and I think your prices are fair.  This is my third order with you and I'm sure it won't be my last.

Esra (March 2011)



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