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What Our Customers Say About WigJigs

I received my Wigjig Centaur lite 4 days ago and I have used it nonstop since. I have tried a few different jigs in the past and in my opinion, your jigs are THE best I have ever used hands down in terms of consistent, beautiful results, reliability AND durability. This is a high quality jig. It has definitely taken my jewelry designing to a whole new level. In addition, your varied and free tutorials are equally just as impressive. I have learned new and easier ways to perform techniques I've already done in the past thanks to your very detailed tutorials. Thank you very much for your generosity in providing these free lessons and for creating awesome products. Very fast shipping to Hawaii too. (Robert Mar 2015)

I think the Centaur is the coolest thing since sliced bread.  There is no one who supports their products like you do with teaching videos and designs.  With your new efforts, I must tell you that I have run across wigjig design tutorials at various sites of independent bead stores, so that is a very good thing for you.
Thanks again for making a quality product and providing such great support.
Not being familiar with the jig, and exactly the designs I will be using, it is difficult to know what was needed.  I was fortunate to have you there looking out for me…thank you again.  Service such as this will certainly see me back again on your site for any need I may have for wire, etc.  I have struggled trying to make both left and right look the same and don’t know why I didn’t think of using a jig.  This is certainly my answer.  I was actually referred here by Nina, a lady that discovered you a year or so ago and is an avid user of your jigs.  (Deborah Aug, 2013)

I want to say what an amazing difference in quality there is between the WigJig products and the “other” stuff out there.   Richard (Dec 2012)

I have had the Wigjig Olympus and Calliope for 10 plus years now and it is as good as the day I purchased it. . . now I am getting the Centaur.  Thank you for providing such a quality product.  Michael (Dec 2012)

Thank you so much.  Your customer service is exemplary.  Every question or concern I have ever had has been resolved within 24 hours.  Plus, your jigs are the best.  I have tried 2 other brands and they were just awful.   Geeta (Nov 2012)

The WigJig Centaur is an incredible tool, is very easy to use and the designs are finished in the right size and look spectacular.  Also the Spiral Maker and Super Pegs are very useful complementary tools.  Finally, the nylon jaw pliers permit me to work with straight wire obtaining even more perfect results.  I'm very satisfied with your products.  Now I can expand my designs, having an important advantage over other sellers.  Thank you very much for creating these amazing tools.  Marcelo (May 2012)

I love your is amazing.  I have enjoyed using my wigjig and making earrings and necklaces....  Donna (March 2012)

I love my Olympus Lite.    Becky (March 2012)

Thank you for founding WigJig. As an engineer myself, as well as a jewelry maker, I appreciate the quality of the design and execution of your jigs. Working with them is a pleasure; I can concentrate on what I want to do instead of how to manage the tool. 
Elizabeth (February 2012)


Just a note on your web site, it's really great. I watched the video's which are detailed, easy to understand without a lot of extra words. A great site with all the items you'd ever need!!! . In checking out jigs your beat all others in my comparisons . One thing which your seems to have the advantage on is that the pegs fit firmly and others (Our competitors jigs) don't.  Bill (February 2012)

I recently purchased a WigJig and love it!  Rose (October 2011)

I love my WigJig and had a blast playing with it last night.  I made two components to make earrings with and can't wait to finish them this evening.  What a great tool!  I am equally satisfied with the rest of my order as well.  I'm so glad I saw WigJig in my latest Bead Style magazine, it made me check you out on the Internet and after watching your "how to" videos, they inspired me to order my first WigJig -- I'm hooked now!  My earrings have gone in a whole new direction.  Thanks WigJig.    Pat (October 2011)

Received the Centaur today.  I am most impressed with the quality also the intrinsic strength.  Well done, quality always tells.  Derek (August 2011)

WigJig has helped me make a lot of jewelry.  Thank you.  Gloria (June 2011)

I have your WigJig and love it.  Pam (June 2011)

The WigJig, and the WigJig University, has revolutionised my jewellery making -- Thank you for all the work and thought which went into both.    Philip (May 2011)

I love your WigJig, would be lost without it.  Nancy (April 2011)

I have been experimenting with the jig and love it.  Cynthia (April 2011)

I have the WigJig Olympus with Super Pegs and love it!!  I use it for all my hoop earrings.  Beth (April 2011)



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